Phantoms of Nostalgia…

΅〜 ೋღ ღೋ     〜΅

133ed0e29ae0e9f74e52eb1b578c9741 by LadyUndone Deviantart

΅〜 ೋღ ღೋ     〜΅

Seasonal daydreams…
Inducement of contemplation…
Crystal clarity colors perfection…

September dissipates summertime sadness…
Lost in Autumn’s haze…
Interminable wait…
October’s promise…
Precursor to winter’s wrap…
Undertones of unknown fill the space between…

Hope meets Dream…
Their collision sparks ignition…
November’s epiphany waits impatiently…
Mists of enchantment permeate dreams… filling them with potentialities…

Theoretical assumptions…
Phantoms of Nostalgia…
The quintessential question remains anonymous…
Silently demanding detours…

December hints evocatively at New Year’s renewal…
Presumptive lugubrious thoughts…
Induce Thought’s labyrinth…
Ignoring ignorance…

Dreams sustain impetuous assumption…
Answers lie cloaked in enigmatic disguise…
Leaving never-ending questions where the Shadows of Temerity roam…

΅〜 ೋღ ღೋ     〜΅
This is the season yearning…
For illumination…

΅〜 ೋღ ღೋ     〜΅

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Gorgeous photo by LadyUndone Deviantart ~

51 thoughts on “Phantoms of Nostalgia…

  1. Well hello there! I always love the upheaval in my vocabulary when you post and I see all these words in wonderful combinations of which I have never even assumed to think they could be in.

    What is so evocative about your words in this one is the sheer scope and range of the feelings. I find them as razor sharp as the cold Richland Winter winds…

    The ageing through the seasons of your Dreamscape give an even more layered feel to you words than normal – which is saying something). Speaking of seasons, glad to see that the snow storms have finally gotten around to your blog! xxxxxx


    • Oh you know how I love to shake up people’s vocabulary!! It may very well be my mission in life to do so! It makes me exceedingly happy that you have enjoyed the scope of this take on my little Dreamscape…I did wish for something to tie up the year…and the seasons. As always, I am well happy to put words in hitherto unknown combinations. The cold Richland winter winds are indeed….bracing! Haha yes…I’m not sure how the ‘snow’ button got un-ticked in my settings…but I have indeed rectified it! xxxxxx


  2. Another fantastic piece of poetry Christina. I love the Autumn/Winter tale here, leaving it open to answers that can only be told in the Spring and the Summer.


    • Thank you so very much Alastair!! Seasonal musings….and awesome encouragement from a cherished friend!!! Huge hugs and blessings….also the very best of luck in all of your new (and previous) ventures!!! Heck, I may even take part in them now and again! 😉


      • You’re welcome and thank you 🙂 I must admit to being a bit more nervous about tomorrow’s launch than I was about my own one in April last year.

        It would be great to see some of your talent in them when you find the time. Finding time can be a little problematic though, I know it tends to keep itself very well hidden 😉


        • I understand the nervousness, and being late in my reply is good in that I get to say Congratulations for a great first week!

          Thank you for the awesome encouragement to give it a try…time is indeed an epic challenge of late…but I do hope to try soonest! 🙂


  3. Summertime sadness for me too. I shiver & turn blue this time of the year.
    Thank God for the warmth of the holidays & family.
    #Xs #Os #♥ #Smiles #HappyHolidays #MayAllYourWishesComeTrueIn2014


    • Thank you so very much Rosy!!! Ditto to all you said…for you sweet friend! #UrTheBestest #Xs #Os #❤s #Smiles #MayAllYourWishesComeTrueIn2014 #ApologiesForBeingLateInReplying #LoveYou❤❤ !!


  4. Cristina.. I love what you do and although it tests my wordweb app to get the correct meaning for the words, I love how you do this… English being my second language I find your posts so educational and I look up all the words I’m not sure of then re read the post… the second reading always amazes me … brilliant…


    • Oh Bulldog, you just have me smiling, hugely! Quite a feat as this new year has begun not the best and has had me running and hasn’t stopped…yet.

      It makes me so happy that my words could be educational…truly!! That along with your praise has made my whole week, month!! I am hopeful to be able to get around to visiting now things seem to be slowing a bit. I miss your gorgeous photos!!!

      I hope the new year has been treating you and family more than well! Hugs and Blessings! ~


  5. Oh my gosh Christina, your words describing life and the seasons are impeccable. I have no other words because you have most eloquently used them all! xo 🙂


  6. Hello Christina 😀
    As usual my dictionary is looking pretty dog-eared after reading your wonderful poem ……. ooops, I was using my Spanish/English dictionary …. silly me !!
    Love your round window 😀
    I really do hope that you have a fantastic 2014 my friend. Big hug. Ralph xox 😀


    • Ralph…you are guaranteed to always bring me a smile…at the least…usually accompanied giggles as well!! Thank you so so much…I am well happy you enjoyed both the poem and the window….I like things a bit “vintage” 😉

      I hope you have a truly amazing 2014 and it is filled with happiness, joy, and good health!! Huge hugs my sweetest friend xoxo


  7. I could say so much here but instead I will only say that I found this touchingly beautiful. You know all I wish for you and your family and hope that this new year brings you joy beyond imagination, countless moments that bring laughter bubbling to the surface, memories that immediately bring smiles to your face, and an inner peace that sustains you always. Happy Happy New Year my friend! 🙂


    • That was such an amazingly awesome comment….I’m not sure how to add to that…other than that I wish the very same for you!!

      It makes me very happy indeed that you enjoyed this poem!! That it could touch you is the ultimate compliment for me….encouragement as well!!

      I am grateful for you dearest cherished friend!! I also offer my apologies for taking so long to reply…I am trying to catch up here as I can. I do so hope that 2014 has found you happy and healthy!! Also that it will be the absolute bestest year for you!! Huge hugs!! ~


      • I am sure you have much on your plate so never worry about the length of time it takes to respond or should you decide not to respond.

        So far 2014 is looking to be much better than the year we just left behind.

        I hope you had a fabulous time with your friend across the pond and that 2014 finds you at peace. 🙂


  8. So very you, brilliantly written! May your New Year be abundantly blessed and spiritually prosperous! I am glad to embrace your words on the first day of this new year!


    • Such an awesome and most cherished compliment Wendell….thank you so very very much!! It makes me happy that I could, in some small part, celebrate this New Year with you! I, too, wish you the same dear brother…to be abundantly blessed spiritually, physically, in all ways!!


  9. Hi Christina 🙂
    Great walk through the seasons… As usual I gained a new word. So ‘lugubrious’ is now stored away 😉

    Happy New Year my friend. May it bring you a peace, sureness and calmness that you’ve never experienced!

    Blessings always my sister


    • JC 🙂 !! Thank you so much for your beautiful and so very appreciated wishes! I am thrilled to share new words…always!! 😀

      I hope this New Year has been great for you so far and only increases in its abundant blessings for you dear sister…Hugs! ~


  10. AnElephantCant understand big words
    His head is empty and not very fillable
    But he needs a night nurse
    When he reads Christina’s verse
    Which has 63 words of more than 7 syllables

    And it is wonditoricially supastilicious!
    Big hugs and Happy New Year to you, Jordan, Jack, Emma and whatshername!


    • That’s a whole lot of syllables!!! 😉 !! I happen to know (for a fact) that AnElephant is teasing me…for he is the smartest Elephant I’ve ever met!!

      Thank you so much for your wondrously fantasticently awesomazing words of praise!! Along with your magical words you’ve given me a huge smile!! Thank you my dear sir for your wishes and I reciprocate by sending you wishes for the bestest New Year ever!! Huge Hugs! ~


    • Thank you very much Mike!!! What a wondrous phrase “lavish lexicon”….I like that…very much! Your comments always intrigue me and I am well happy to know when you’ve enjoyed one of my pieces!


    • Thank you so very much Celestine!!! 🙂 Happy New Year sweet friend!! I hope this year is full of many blessings and much happiness for you!!! Hugs ~


  11. I enjoyed to unravel the different layers here as they lead us to the core of your poem .

    As time flows poetic images follow your pathways.

    “Crystal clarity colors perfection…Kaleidoscope”
    “Undertones of unknown filling the space between”
    “Phantoms of Nostalgia”…”Silently demanding detours”

    I am blown away by your metaphors as your poetry dazzle me, provided as it by its own essential and genuine shape…

    So nice to came across your poems today; Christina. Thank you, xo;

    Aquileana 🙂



    • Aquileana, you are just awesome sweet dear friend! It is so fascinating to me when you comment, the way you share how different pieces are interpreted by you…how they touch you.

      It is always such a gift to read your comments! I wish I could express how much it means to me that you enjoy what I write…that it could be a positive part of your day! Thank you…so so very much! xo
      (Btw, I love your signature line!) 🙂


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