When The Sun Sets…

when the sun sets

΅〜 ೋღ ღೋ      〜΅

Where will you be?

Watching the sunset paint the sky with furious reds, pinks, purple

evokes remembrance of fire and passion…

Vibrant hues deepening…

Transitioning twilight…

Melancholy imbued aftermath…

Where will you be?

Threshold of darkness…

Skyscape displaying its resplendence…

I watch…captivated…

Lost in my own shifting world and I wonder where will you be

when the sun disappears over the horizon …

΅〜 ೋღ ღೋ      〜΅

I would imagine…

You will be watching the sun rise…

΅〜 ೋღ ღೋ      〜΅

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61 thoughts on “When The Sun Sets…

    • Thank you so very much Bulldog!!! Where have I been is lost in the craziness of life…hopefully things are settling down a bit and I can be here more!!! 🙂


  1. I really like that. The colours of the sun disappearing behind the horizon, The way you use the colours for feelings and memories is excellent, and how the sunset is a beautiful sight enough to captivate the reader into seeing it sinking. And swapping it around for the sunrise at the end.

    Another great poem, Christina.


    • Alastair, thank you so much…truly! Your description is amazing! It is always so very fascinating to me how my words will be interpreted….if they are as you described then I a happy…and smiling!! Hugs ~


  2. How incredibly beutiful Christina 🙂
    I hope that 2014 is being very kind
    to you my sweet friend 🙂

    Andro xxxx


    • Thank you so very much sweet friend! You are always such a wonderful encouragement to me!

      2014 began roughly, but it’s looking up, so I am as ever…hopeful and looking forward to brighter days! I do hope yours has been awesome and only increases from there! 🙂 xxxx


  3. I like this two fold layering, asking the question, where will you physically be and where will your head and heart be?

    How happy am I that you have added a Skyscape to be explored along with your multi stratified Dreamscape…it will be a treat to have you as our guide.

    Your words suggest an ending, with the colours and hues it reminds me of Autumn, of a time of closing up…but the seasons like the sun are cyclical and this means for a happy return of the sun and Spring.

    It is night when I write this and I know it is your not yet your midday. xxxxxx


    • That is quite the compliment dearest sir….your continued encouragement is beyond cherished! I love how you help me ever widen the boarders of my Dreamscape!! “Multi-Stratified” indeed!

      You are most certainly correct in sharing the cyclical nature of the sun….I am anticipatious of Spring’s return….always a wondrous and magical time of year…signifying a re-birth of all things. And of course warmer weather!

      Time is relative and confusing…and extremely vexing almost all ways…. xxxxxx


  4. Hi Christina 😀 I have read a lot of poetry on many blogs. Your posts beat the rest hands down. This one I completely understood…….are you ill ? 😉 And it was wonderfully touching. Keep them coming my friend. Ralph xox 😀


    • Ralph you are awesome sweet!! You do give the most magnificently cherished compliments! My world is richer for having you in it, most definitely! lol Understood this one….silly boy…I *know* better! 😉

      I am happy to hear you enjoyed this piece…and no my good sir….I am not ill…just abandoned by my beloved words at the moment. I shall endeavor to keep them coming….though I may attempt all spectrums of emotions so who knows what could be next?!? 😉 xoxo


      • Oh. Good heavens !! What IS next ?? Here I am, on tender-hooks …….waiting…..waiting……waiting for your next post of emotional prowess. Can I last that long ? Only you can release me from that trauma !! xox


        • You!!! LOL oh I just laughed and laughed. You do that to me all the time. You should come with a disclaimer….”too much contact may cause fits of laughter”. Yes. I like that! Hmmm….maybe something…mad…or sad…or wistful…or saucy?! The choices are endless…. I shall try to hurry for your benefit…to lessen the trauma! 😉 xoxo


          • Ah ha !! I see a new post from your glistening in my Inbox. I shall save it for later when all is quiet so that I can concentrate on every word (even though they are long 😉 ) xox


            • Yay for new posts…especially with long words hehe. I had to assure you I am indeed well. 😉 I shall anticipatiously await your amazing and all ways cherished thoughts!! xox


              • You are the last of 102 New Posts I’ve visited today. (I must get a life 😉 ). I’m all yours. No one else to visit and it’s 04:00am here. I can see I am going to have some fun with your next post Christina. Here I come !!!


                • My goodness!!! That’s an epic amount of posts to visit! You’re an amazingly dedicated friend to visit so many…I do try, and frequently fail, at visiting everyone I would wish to…as often as I would wish to. I shall keep working on it though!!! You’ll be my encouragement to do so!! 🙂


  5. Christina;

    How beautiful I enjoyed the transitions of the colors and of the twilight…
    reds, pinks, purple remembrance of fire and passion.

    By the second stanza the melancholy and sorrow give to the poetic images a blue dark atmosphere… Doubts following their own pattern towards the Threshold of darkness as the sun disappears over the horizon (Where will you be, you wonder)

    The third stanza has its own twinkling color… Hopeful memories and the invisible presence of someone watching the sun rise

    Thanks for sharing your magic; xo; Aquileana 🙂



    • Oh sweet friend! You just are like a gift that just keeps giving!! I shall indeed be smiling for some time to come. I love reading your thoughts…how you see and feel my words. That is magical!! Thank you so much…for sharing…for all ways being so encouraging!! xo 😀


  6. Lots of emotions felt in this piece Christina, and I sense as she watches a fiery sky transcend into darkness, many lovely memories wrapped around to warm her heart. Fabulous writing my dear friend! 🙂


  7. This is simply breath-taking…I love those final four lines in particular. So full of hope and optimism, pictures beautifully painted with well-chosen words. In short, sublime!


    • Thank you ever so much! Truly…your comment has given me a huge smile! I do love painting with words…it is my passion to do so. If can do as you described then I am well happy indeed!!


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