What of Love?

΅〜 ೋღ ღೋ      〜΅

I’ve been away for a while…lost in a world of words….or trying to be in between life’s demands. All of this got me to thinking about my collection of words… how it is growing exponentially with each new author I experience. More than that…I realize that Phase One of my Reconstruction process was finding my voice…which I have done via words.

I suppose one would call this Phase Two…where I explore this new enigmatic and magical world where it is just I and words. Where I collect them like one would pick wild flowers in a field of luxurious splendor. That being said…I bring you my disclaimer which will officially initiate Phase Two of Reconstructing Christina… ~

photo journal

This is my Word Journal ~ Where I collect words, phrases, etc. Unceasingly adding to my repertoire.

΅〜 ೋღ ღೋ      〜΅

I could write of any thing…
Of every thing…
Hopes, fears, emotions…all of it…

Staring at the blank screen I think of my experiences…my past, present, future…
All coalesce into a myriad of thoughts and feelings…

I think of books I’ve read…of the greatest, most-gifted authors who write prose as easily as you and I breathe…of the beloved characters they’ve created…
I think of friends…of family…
Their thoughts, feelings, emotions on experiences in their lives…

I realize I needn’t write merely of my own small inconsequential existence…

Quite the contrary…
There are no ambivalent…ubiquitous…limitations..
I can write of all things…any thought…any emotion…any experience…
Words transcend…transport…our souls to the familiar…simultaneously to the hitherto unknown…

And what of love?

Universally speaking we’ve all tasted it…felt it knock us off our feet…or at the very least we’ve dreamt of it…what it would feel like in Love’s embrace…enveloped by all the very varied vicissitudes of that holy grail of emotions…

Yes…I shall share with you…dear reader…all of my experience with each and every emotion…be it mine be it anonymous…or pure fiction… For in the end…we all experience all of life eventually…some things exquisitely unique…some universal..

     ΅〜 ೋღ ღೋ      〜΅

So, I would politely ask you to not equate my coming pieces referring to only myself…
Instead please think of my words as relating to us all…
In one form or another…

That is my wondrous challenge, given to myself by me..to write in such a manner so as to be relatable by all…
For we are inherently…at some level or another…all the same…
Uniquely similar…


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43 thoughts on “What of Love?

  1. The joy of a good book, or books that you have been positively flying through is a pleasure to see. I am sure, that as usual, I speak for us all when I say we look forward to your new pieces no matter what aspect you write with. Just don’t leave it so long in the future. xxxxx


    • Ah, my dearest sir….indeed so very many decadent adventures… I’ve been lost in a wondrously magical world of words….of which I shall blame you for! However….they have added a plethora of new and exquisite words to my little world….there are no thanks huge enough for such a gift! You do give me such magical encouragement…I could never refuse you. I shall indeed try to ‘not leave it so long in the future’ xxxxx


  2. That, I think, is THE best disclaimer that I have ever heard. Well … read. And I only needed to look up “vicissitudes”. I’m learning 💡 🙂

    I am so glad that I have been there to watch the Reconstruction process come to fruition. Watching you climb up and dust yourself off, stagger towards the world, become more upright with every step you have taken, until the metamorphosis of this post, where you walk through the door to your waiting readers.

    most-gifted authors who write prose as easily as you and I breathe… … I think that with the way that you write your poetry, that you would also be one of the gifted who write prose as easily as most of us breathe.

    I, for one, look forward to this butterfly that has come from the caterpillar. It is one thing to write from experience, another to tap into the ability as if you were watching someone else and writing their experiences.

    I love this post 🙂


    • Thank you very much sweet friend for your incredibly generous praise! The honor has been mine to have you along on my journey….I am truly blessed to have such amazingly supportive and beloved friends (like you!!) on this journey with me!

      I am sincerely over the moon that you enjoyed my little disclaimer and also that I could share a new word hehe…I do love to do that!! 😉 I still say I’m not worthy of your generous praise regarding my prose….but I will humbly never cease attempting to earn it! Thank you again…for one of *the* bestest comments ever! Hugs&Blessings ~


  3. Beautifully written as always. I have miss your beautiful words and so look forward to Phase 2! 🙂 Happiness and health to you in the New Year! 🙂


  4. I have missed you and the embrace of your blossoming words! It is nothing better than to find you sharing again! Happy Holidays, and thanks for making my evening a delight with your presence! You are greatly loved and miss by many of us Christina!


    • Wendell, your words never cease to bring me such encouragement! You are so very appreciated and cherished dear brother!!! I hope you had the Merriest Christmas and also wish all the very best for you in this coming new year! Hugs & Blessings ~


  5. Hello my dear friend 😀 I just loved your response to SteJ where I quote, “Ah, my dearest sir….indeed so very many decadent adventures…”. Woah !!! Where is this blog going may I ask Christina ….. “words fail me” is not an expression I would use, but something more colloquial such as “bring it on girl !!” hehe !! 🙂
    May I wish you, Penny and the rest of your family a lovely Christmas and a brilliant New Year. With all my love and hugs. Ralph xox 😀
    PS. Please reply to this comment before 2018 as I always look forward to your replies and I may have been ascended by then. x 😉


    • Haha You are my resident WP funny man! Whom else could make me blush so? Or tease me so lovingly?! hehe 😉 LOL Reply by 2018….I’m still laughing!! 😀 I have passed on your wishes to all here and send the same to you sweetest friend…that you had a very Merry Christmas and also that you have a very very wonderful and Happy New Year!! Holiday Hugs!! xoxo


    • Benjamin, thank you so very much! I am sorry to worry you with my prolonged absence. Just caught up in life and holidays and some really great books! No excuse… However…I do hope you have had a very very Merry Christmas and I am sending wishes for a most excellent and Happy New Year!! Holiday Hugs!! ~


    • Thank you so much Celestine! I have missed you as well…I must get on top of time and visit soonest! I hope you have had a very very Merry Christmas…and wish all the very best blessings for you in this New year to come! Holiday Hugs!! ~


  6. Hi Christina 🙂
    Your journal looks like a work of art!
    Keep reading & writing. Perhaps – I will absorb some of those new vocab words via the writings that you share with us as I google them to figure out what they mean. 😉
    #Xs #Os #Smiles #♥ #MerryChristmasBlessings


    • Hehe a work of art (#thank you!!)….some would say I’m a bit OCD…but don’t listen to them lol! 😉 I am all ways more than happy to share new words!

      I finally found out what I am…yes…there is a word for it #shocker ! “Logophile” (a lover of words) haha!!
      #Xs #Os #Smiles #❤s #MerryChristmasBlessings #HappiestNewYearEVER #HolidayHugs !!


  7. So beautifully written Christina! May you and your family experience the wonder of this holiday and 2014 fill you with much love, overwhelming joy, great inner peace, and a plethora of new experiences. I look forward to more of your lovely prose in the upcoming year. 🙂


    • Thank you so much LuAnn for your wonderfully cherished wishes and for being such an awesome blessing to myself and all here for that matter!!! You are such a huge source of encouragement for me to keep reaching…keep striving…thank you dearest friend for being so wonderfully “you” !!!

      I hope your Christmas was a most excellent one and that this new year brings you health, happiness, and more smiles and joy than ever before!!! Huge huge holiday hugs!! ~


      • It was a nice Christmas thank you Christina
        and now it is time to get ready for the New Year 🙂

        Happy New Year 2014 Christina 🙂

        Andro xxxx


  8. Christina…

    Phase two sounds good :)..
    Beautifully penned my dear one, you have a gift with words, Thanks for including us as readers when you tell us to pick up your words as also relatable to our own proper feelings.
    Quoting you : “In one form or another…we at some level or another…all the same…Uniquely similar”… Sigh!; so holistically meaningful..

    Hugs to you, Aquileana 😉



    • Thank you so so much Aquileana! I am truly honored to be viewed as you said…you have given me such a huge gift through your amazing praise and encouragement, Thank you again….huge hugs to you!! ~


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