Ostensibly Opaque…


΅〜 ೋღ ღೋ     〜΅

Colors of my soul…
Barely there…

΅〜 ೋღ ღೋ     〜΅
Whisper lies cloaked in half truths…
Solemn cadence
Vestiges of madness…

On the crest of a fallen tear…
Encapsulating every hurt…every fear…every disappointment…
As it traces its way down my cheek…it brings forth clarity…insight…

΅〜 ೋღ ღೋ     〜΅
Hope long suppressed struggles against its oppression…
Begging freedom…
Promising everything…
Seeking no remuneration…
Only opportunity to see itself fulfilled…
To bask in its beautiful rendition…

΅〜 ೋღ ღೋ     〜΅
To turn what was ostensibly opaque…into vivacious vibrancy…

 To shine…


΅〜 ೋღ  ღೋ     〜΅

    ΅〜 ೋღ  Christina ~  ೋღ 〜΅

40 thoughts on “Ostensibly Opaque…

  1. An exquisite symphony. As always the beautiful rhythm, depth of feeling and sensual essence flowing from your written words, is a treasure to experience! Brava!! ♥


  2. Hello Christina,

    Wonderful and captivating, as always…

    “Hope long suppressed struggles against its oppression…
    Begging freedom…Promising everything…
    Seeking no remuneration”…

    Remarkable verse which got deep into one’s soul.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Best wishes & Love,
    Aquileana 😀


    • Hey sweet friend! I’m so happy you enjoyed this!! I all ways am so appreciative your thoughtful insight and encouragement…sincerely means so much to me! Sending hugs and wishes for a happy week to you! 😀 !!


  3. Oh beautiful my friend. Soooo nice to have you back writing here. Your words and metaphors always take me in. I feel your story, exquisitely told. Mastercrafting belongs in a beautiful collection in a book! I will wait in line. ❤


    • Oh Debby! Thank you so very very much. It feels so wondrously good to be back here, like coming home! Sincerely sweetest friend, your encouragement means so much more than I can adequately express. Your continued encouragement and praise is fuel to the fire I already feel to definitely write that book! ❤ !


  4. What a stunning piece of poetry. Having not seen you on here for a while and then coming back with this truly exquisite work of words.

    With your trademark use of words, and the image you have chosen to enhance this makes it all the more poignant. I read through it again trying to find my favourite line or stanza, and it was a case of “That one, no that one, no that one” In the end, I could not choose. The way it all gels together makes it an original, adroit, moving masterpiece.

    The emotion in this, all summed together in a single tear and finishing with those two perfect words … “To shine” Brava!

    Welcome back.


    • Thank you so very very much Alastair! You are a wonderful encourager…even if I find your praise unfathomable. I have share…to be totally honest….that your use of the word “adroit” was magnificent 😉 !! I think it should most definitely get more usage that it does at present lol. As always, I appreciate your thoughts incredibly! I hope to actually be back to stay. Life, can be…vexing…at times. I do hope your week is a wonderful one! 🙂


      • I think if you use adroit adroitly, then it is a very adroit word. Hmmm, maybe not that much usage? lol

        Seriously though. how you manage to write such pieces is beyond me. You beyond writing poems and write poetry.

        The word “vexing” always makes me think of the film Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. Alan Rickman as the Sheriff goes into the basement, picks up a knife, starts stab, stab, stabbity stab on the witches altar, and when he has finished, she says “Something vexes thee?” always makes me laugh.

        Hope you have a good week 🙂


        • LOL Yeahhh, that might be a bit much 😉 You are very generous with your praise sweet friend and I never cease to be appreciative! I loved that film…especially when the Sheriff cancels Christmas haha. Thank you so much…I hope you, too, have a great week!


          • “I’ll cut your heart out with a spoon!” He has always made a great villain. Whether it is Robin Hood, Harry Potter or Die Hard.

            You’re always welcome 🙂


  5. How nice to see a post from you… I do love your poetry… it is so mind glowingly brilliant, that I read it over and over to savoir your words and message… true brilliance…


    • Thank you ever so much Bulldog!! It is great to be back…hopefully without such a lengthy pause again. Your praise never ceases to be so very cherished…so very encouraging for me! Your comments truly feel like gifts, that keep giving 🙂 I hope your week is an amazing one!! Hugs ~


  6. Welcome back, and what a return! I think the title was a little give away on that though, you do bring the best words back into the collective thought process. I love the rising from the subtle and hidden all the way through to the explosion.

    I usually like to pick out my best bits as you know but my signature move will be retired for this post. I think it may be the enjoyment of basking in your words your hiatus but despite that it would still be a huge challenge.

    Hope is the important thing here, from the sad and tough to the thoughts of tomorrow and the ideas of change and all that that will bring. It is tangible already perhaps? It is only now you have posted again that I – and I would imagine everybody else as well – realise how much you have been missed around these ‘ere parts. xxxxxx


    • Thank you so very much for the warm reception…it is nice to be back, nice to be missed…even if I wish it weren’t for such a long time. It always thrills me when you really like one of my poems. Hope is indeed important…and usually hiding inside us all. It is the recognition of such that makes all the difference. I think like happiness…hope isn’t tangible…rather it is elusive and mysterious. At least that’s how I see it, and we all know by now I am crazy ha. You’re great and your comments always help me to think differently about things… xxxxxx


  7. I agree absolutely with Ste J, I’ve missed your poems, the emotions they evoke in me is just unbelievable! Your words almost have a magical effect because they’re true and sincere.

    This particular poem evokes a solemn feeling which is also subtly sad…
    I’m certain to visit again and again dear friend! Much love and peace to you.


    • Thank you so very very much Seyi!! It is inexpressible…the joy of knowing my words could evoke emotions as you’ve shared! That is truly what drives me to write as I do…to (hopefully) accomplish just that, so you’ve given me a huge smile with joy on top! It is a wonderful feeling to have been missed…you’re super sweet to share your thoughts.

      I’m so happy you did stop by and share…I do very much appreciate both! 🙂 Blessings and wishes for a happy week dear friend!


        • Thank you so so much…I hope yours has been a great one as well! 🙂 Love and blessings with wishes for an awesome rest of the week! 🙂


  8. Beautiful the way you express emotions through your writing.
    I bet you can make poetry of the phone-book.
    (Remember those?)
    #MissedYou #HappyToSeeYOU #XOXO #♥ #Blessings #Smiles #FantaboulousYOU


    • Thank you so very very much Rosy!! Your comments always make me happy! LOL the phone book…not so sure I could work magic with that mighty book 😉

      I do remember them, they seem to propagate on my front porch haha…but with Google so hear to hand…it doesn’t get used much lol!

      #MissedYouHeapsGobsAndOodles #SoHappyToBeBack #XOXO #HugeSmiles #AwesomazingYOU #Blessings #HappyTuesday #♥


  9. I cannot express how wonderful it is to have you back. You have such a unique way of evoking strong emotions and visions with so few words Christina. This is truly a brilliant work of art! 🙂


    • Thank you so so much for the awesome welcome back!! It feels good to be back, life is crazy and likes to detour me…unwillingly so. I am hoping I get to be back for certain. You do always give me such encouragement with amazing and generous praise… Thank you so much dear friend! ❤ You are always in my thoughts!! 🙂


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