Waiting For The Rain…


΅〜  ೋღ   ღೋ      〜΅  

On the precipice of reality’s revelation….
Staring out at the majesty of the sea…
Thoughts wander aimlessly..

〜 ೋღ ღೋ      〜

My life’s imprint…
On the cusp of inspiration…
Illusory images of illumination…

〜 ೋღ ღೋ      〜 

Enigmatic longing…
Destiny ever so slowly revealed…
I wish as the waves roll on oblivious of me…
I wish for epiphany…
Knowledge of Fate’s intent…

〜 ೋღ ღೋ      〜  

Contemplation of the ocean… timeless…mysterious…immortal…
Lost in the rhythm if its reaching to and fro…
Enchanted by its gifts which permeate all my senses…
Glimpses of future tempting me to push further…

〜 ೋღ ღೋ      〜

I wait for any answer to my quest…
I wait for direction…
I wait for peace…
I wait for the rain to fall…

〜 ೋღ ღೋ      〜


΅〜 ೋღ  ღೋ     〜΅

    ΅〜 ೋღ  Christina ~  ೋღ 〜΅


Gorgeous photo by b_r_a_c_i_a_t_a-d5f3woh

40 thoughts on “Waiting For The Rain…

    • I hadn’t thought of it in quite that way before, but now that you mention it…that is exactly how I feel about the ocean. Fascinating… ~ Thank you, so very much!


  1. Your words reflect my own thoughts at the shore, but in such a beautiful way! I hope you are imagining your perfect world too, and not only waiting. Your writing should take you far…


    • Thank you so so much Patti! I am truly honored and humbled you would think so! You have given me an incredible gift with your comment sweet friend…and huge smile!!! 😀 ! xo ❤ ~


  2. I have this image of you standing at the end of a wooden pier looking out to sea with butterflies of inspiration floating around you as you wait for one to alight on your shoulder or your hand.

    The way you know that your destiny is around these butterflies, just one to land on you will change the way you live your life. Questioning the sea with the cloudy skies above you and every so often a slight drop or hint of rain where you have to check to see if you felt or imagined it.

    I see this and more in this poem Christina. One that takes the reader into your mind and a brief view from your eyes. It is a beautiful and moving poem. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.


    • Such a beautiful picture painted with amazing words sweet friend!! I am truly honored if my words could do as you so beautifully described! Thank you so much for your cherished praise 🙂


      • You’re welcome and very much deserved.
        I wait for any answer to my quest…
        I wait for direction…
        I wait for peace…
        I wait for the rain to fall…

        These lines tell so much with the waiting, and yes, your words can do that 🙂


  3. Sometimes amidst the calmness of the sea we receive an epiphany, ‘knowledge of fate’s intent’, although the message may not be immediately translated. Keep up the spirit and the patience and it will come. xoxo your friend.

    D.G. 🙂


    • I long to be by the ocean, it’s been far too long. I just imagine it now, though having grown up so near it…it is still with me via my vivid imagination! 🙂 I shall indeed keep waiting… Thank you so much for your sweet loving thoughts and encouragement sweet friend!! xoxo ❤ ~


  4. So we have found one ‘edge’ of your Dreamscape…I like that because is it really an edge or just a platform for further exploration…yes I’m thinking the Voyage of the Dawntreader here (the BBC version).

    You capture the hypnotic nature of the ocean and the way it can draw out the introspective thoughts…I love the line ‘Enchanted by its gifts which permeate all my senses…’ because that is the only way to experience the ocean, real or metaphorical…I believe the theory works for both.

    You capture a feeling of the vastness of thought and space, at once inconceivable but imaginable and not indomitable…it is a place I could see myself going and staying for a long time. xxxxxx


    • I like that very very much….the edge of my Dreamscape. It’s locales do mirror my own thoughts in that they are ever changing…ever evolving…never quite the same twice. Your decadent descriptions do honor me so and as always…you have an open invitation to stay as long as you wish. I thank you dearest sir for your generous and eloquent praise. I shall keep striving to be deserving of it… xxxxxx


    • Well that’s not good! 😦 I hope now (especially since life had me hostage and I was unable to reply timely) you do indeed have either rain or beautiful sunshine!! And my hopes that you are no where near these horrid storms ravaging our country!! #HappySunshineWishes #Hugs #AwesomazingYOU #Blessings #Smiles #♥s


    • Thank you ever so much my sweet friend!! You are very generous and charming as well!! Such a fine gentleman, how could I refuse? 😉 xox ❤ ~


  5. Wonderful and captivating as per usual … I also perceived some metaphysical and cosmological allusions, particularly in the third stanza which I think is truly remarkable
    Undisclosed Fate, misteries and oblivion. Epiphanies and Enlightenment.
    Your poem raised me to the heights. A vertiginous poetic trip in Christina’s roller coaster. Truly memorable..
    Best wishes always, xo, Aquileana 😛


    • Thank you so very much Aquileana!! Your generous praise is humbling and always so very cherished and appreciated!! And such a fantastic word ‘vertiginous’! 🙂 hehe I *love* that “Christina’s roller coaster!” You are the best encouragement, thank you so much for being awesomely you!!! Hugs and wishes for a very happy week!! xo ❤ ~


  6. I have just discovered that I am not receiving email notices of your posts, which had occurred recently with another friend whose blog I am following. Hopefully “un-following” then “following” once again will fix the problem. It seems I have some catching up to do.

    Sometimes words escape me when I read your poetry Christina, as your words evoke primordial emotions difficult to express. I do know that nature’s repeated refrains seen and felt in the ocean’s surf have a soothing effect on me. I feel as though I could find all the answers to life’s mysteries if I stood there long enough.

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend and blessed Easter. Now I’m going back to see what else I may have missed. 🙂


    • Oh no, I hope the notices were able to be sorted. I know some times these glitches happen. Rather like life, as I mentioned in a previous comment, had taken me hostage. Not too much catching up as posting/blogging has been difficult of late. But I am hopeful to be back now more often, yay! 🙂

      Your praise is…so amazing I am truly honored and finding myself with difficulty to express my appreciation for your incredible words!! Indeed there is something ancient and unknowable about the ocean…yet it pulls one in to marvel at its majesty all the while soothing the soul. A truly magnificent gift to all to get to behold it!

      I hope your Easter was a wonderful one! I have much catching up to do at your place as well!! 😀 Huge hugs and blessings dearest friend!! ❤ ~


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