Chosen Ignorance…


Sometimes it’s too hard…
This battle fought within the mind…
It is an illusion to think you can’t handle it…
A luxury you can’t afford…
Just because you choose not to see.
Doesn’t make it less real…
Doesn’t make it right…
Hiding the minds eye from the truth won’t make it go away…
Everyone has hard choices to make..
At some point you have to realize what lies before your eyes…
You hid for far too long thinking it couldn’t happen to you…
Thinking it was for the best…
Ignoring of the casualties of cruelty..
Choosing the perceived stronger side…
Believing the lie…while the truth stared at you waiting to be recognized…
Knowing in your heart it was wrong..
Too far from your reality…
Now it’s coming closer to you…
Truth is impatient…
It will be seen…it must…
You can no longer hide behind your chosen ignorance…


Copyright © 2012 Christina Brownlee

35 thoughts on “Chosen Ignorance…

  1. Wow. That is fantastic.

    Yes, sometimes it is easier to hide behind a chosen ignorance. Hiding can make it seem so much better. It can make it seem so easy. It can make it seem so simple.

    Shutting yourself off to reality, behind illusions just makes the pain seem to not exist.


    • Thank you so very much Mondrak!!! So so appreciate you friend!! 🙂

      Yes, hiding seems easier and a lot of times I don’t think people conciously make themselves ignorant….nonetheless – this topic applies to just about every subject in life. Be it loss, love, relationships, one’s own view of oneself, war, conflict…etc.

      One thing that is true is that chosen ignorance or not….the truth always comes out….always. It is an undeniable fact. Again so appreciate your thoughts….Hugs!! 🙂


      • The truth is one thing that can be masked, but never fully hidden. As you say, it will always come out. A lot of the time the truth is hidden to make other people ignorant of it.

        I know I have hidden truths from my kids about what I went through when we moved. to Leicester. We all do it as parents. To protect our kids, our parents our friends.

        Thanks 🙂


        • Yes, as parents most definitely to protect our children!!! There are MANY things I have kept from them about their grandparents (Duane’s parents) because I don’t believe in hurting and confusing kids when it is totally uncessary.

          Mostly the chosen ignorance is the inability to see what one is doing (take for example my ex-in-laws) that is purposely hurtful to so many. Confusing to so many more. They refuse to look and see the ramifications of their actions. So…after my unpleasant interaction where once again I had to explain my anger….I realiized they aren’t the only ones suffering from Chosen Ignorance….I guess that’s where this piece came from — anger and betrayal.

          Emotions do help drive the words out though don’t they? :/


    • Thank you Meryl!! Denial can be devastating to so many…beginning with oneself! Agreed about what to do when faced with denial! I guess this was a personal subject for me….being surrounded (but not for much longer yay!!) with Chosen Ignorance….and worse ~that plus the power to hurt….intentionally. Yes indeed, we must protect ourselves.

      I believe we always have a choice to leave behind those who are not supportive. There is no point in letting naysayers, negativity, ignorance, and intentional hurt in our lives. I say cut it out and surround oneself with love, light, support!! Hugs sweet friend ~


    • Agreed sweet friend!!! It is an excuse….a crutch people use to continue to hurt and remain ignorant. I really appreciate you sharing your thoughts…I am sincerely grateful 🙂


    • Thank you Rosy!!! I was just thinking about that the other day….had some incidents that brought back all my anger (and other icky emotions) and the first thing that I thought about was ignorance and illusions…love the ‘superficial mask’ analogy!! Hugs ~


  2. Sorry, not been here for a few days, AnElephantCant always find time ……
    But your poetry and your vision just keep growing ever more powerful and more truthful. So much beauty and pain being expressed so eloquently.
    Moved yet again.


    • No worries…kind sweet elephant…I do understand! It’s difficult to juggle time with all the demands on life stuff and write and visit. I do appreciate you stopping by and your very very sweet and encouraging thoughts! 🙂 Hugs ~


    • Agreed Neil!! Truth is inevitable! Thank you so much for your very sweet praise…always takes me by surprise and makes my whole day!! 😀 Do so appreciate you!! Hope all is well on your side of the world… Hugs! ~


  3. Oh Christina…. do understand…. and yes – some do choose to deny to ignore to block what is too painful and too much work to face. It is so sad for these people because truly, their deepest self does know, does, feel, does hurt. So they think they are avoiding the pain but it only grows, and they are not conscious of what is irking at them — that feeling of dis-ease that lingers but is undefined. I ramble – but know you get all this, and it is so much healthier for everyone if we can be true to ourselves and face the pain – feel the hurt and then heal together. There are many who never do get this.. .and are too frightened and paralyzed by that fear. All we can do for these people is to bless them and wish them well. Have been here many times… and have learned nobody can change the behavior of another – change must come from awareness -and from deep inside. Ok – enough of my ‘arm-chair’ psycho babble – I’m sending you love and light today and always. May your own healing continue – it’s always an “inside” job – and you are doing all the work my friend – proud of you xxooo R


    • Robyn, SO agree with all you said!! It is sad, tragic even, that some willfully continue to hide. If one doesn’t open up to the truth and face it…go through it….then it will eat slowly away at them from the inside out. Very sad thought indeed. I also agree that all we can do is bless them and wish them well….and in my case cut them out of my life.

      I think if I could go back and change anything it would be how long I let Chosen Ignorance and judgement by certain others rule my life! Now I have only a few days left (did you notice the counter? lol) and will be free from predjudice, ignorance, judgement, selfishness, and intentional cruelty from people who, I honest believe, are clinically unbalanced (to put it nicely). This piece was inspired from a most unpleasant situation where I had to justify/explain why I am angry at “them”and cut them out of my life. Why did I have to explain? Chosen Ignorance….

      Your “Arm-chair psycho babble” comment did crack me up though! ;p I didn’t see your words that way at all…I just saw insight and truth and a very healthy way to deal with ignorance!! So so much love dearest friend ♥♥♥♥!!!!!


  4. Oh – and forgive me as I was so taken by the message that I neglected to say how amazingly powerful your poetic style is becoming. This was incredible to read!! xo


    • You are so sweet!!! Your sweet praise and encouragement is so very very appreciated!! It means so incredibly much to me that what I write is out there and (you) people like/can relate to it. Still so new…but just absolutely wonderous!!!! You are a such a beautiful light shining SO bright!! Sending so so MUCH love ♥♥♥♥ !!!


    • Thank you so much LuAnn!! Yes, most difficult….I’ve heard it said you should write what you know…sad that I know this subject so very well. I’m the kind of person to try to deal with my own “stuff”…face it head on. So it is most confusing to me when others don’t. In the end they are only hurting themselves. Thank so so much for your sweet thoughts 😀 !!


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