“Tears are words that need to be written” ~ Paulo Coelho


Faux People…broken promises…strong is a lie…I had to…you gave me no choice…

It WAS survival of the fittest…

You promised so many things…

then changed your mind when it didn’t conform to your expectations anymore.

You said you had to…

You used to be so intimidating to me…but now you are so very small…

Small in the worst way, small of heart.

You can’t see because you’re afraid of what you will find if you look with knowing eyes…

He would be so very sad, disappointed, shocked –

mostly very very very mad, angry, outraged at your behavior…

If you think you knew him better you’re wrong.

Don’t be surprised that you’re now alone…

If you were compassionate, understanding, empathetic

and looking to others best interest instead of your own…

you would be surrounded with love and support right now.

Are you?

Stop thinking you’re ALWAYS right.

Stop acting like you’re the victims.

You’re not.

We are…not because of who made the mistake that took him from us…

but because of your actions, lies and broken promises.

I can almost forgive that irresponsible person…

I cannot forgive your intentional cruelty that robbed us

of so much more than you’ll ever know.

It is because you won’t look with the intent to actually see…

that you are alone.

I thought it was me who was the facade…

acting strong when I had no other choice but to be…

I was wrong…

It is you who is the facade…

27 thoughts on “Facade…

    • Thank you, I’ll never turn down a hug! 🙂 I have finally reached a place of freedom that’s been severely lacking for a few years now…so I guess some of anger/hurt/pain and other ick is finding a way out.

      I know you know how powerful words can be…and how freeing once the words get out of you. Thank you again for the hugs 🙂


  1. I do love the quote you chose “Tears are words….” Your narrative is very powerful, well written Christina ~ so much emotion… a lot still working its way to the surface it seems. I hope this felt good to write…healing ~ cleansing etc. I am sending you a big hug tonight…you deserve tons of them!! xo Robyn


    • Oh Robyn, I always look forward to your insight and your encouragement! I know I wouldn’t feel ‘free’ to explore this if it weren’t for you and others here making feel so welcome and safe.

      Yeah, two years is way too long to hold all that anger in. I was hoping to write something nice today…but I saw that quote and the rest just sort of spilled out.

      It does feel really really good to get it out, definitely cleansing! Thank you so much for the big hug and mostly for being you…a bright light in my world. I do so appreicate you sweet friend! Love, Hugs, and Blessings for a wonderful day tomorrow!


    • Thank you so much! I guess I have some…um…”stuff” to work through! 😛 I do so appreicate your sweet praise and encouragement!! Hugs to you and wishes for a wonderful day! ~


  2. as always…you have inspired me, once again…to do more than i thot i could do or handle..thx for being my bbff!! can we use txt talk on here?? hahahhahhaha anyways i love love love this except one part and u know what i mean!!if not..txt me! i love you so much and im sooo proud of you!!love and hugs..missElaineous? hahaha 😉


    • Aww, I’m so very very way glad I could inspire you!! You are an amazing most cherished friend, bbff 😀 I know which part….and I know you’re gonng bug me about it haha!!

      Thank you so much for stoppy by and sharing your sweet encouaragement!!! Huge hugs and tons of love to you!

      And Yes…we MUST get you a blog…MissElaineous!! 😉


  3. The feeling in this one .. to let it explode like that … to allow that passion to show themselves like wolf hunting it’s prey and looking it in the eye telling it you are not afraid.

    I will say that showing the real you from behind the façade was a very brave thing to do – necessary – but still brave 🙂


    • For some random reason, I was going through old posts and saw this comment and was shocked I hadn’t seen it earlier!! Forgive me, please for my late reply for this was truly a most awesome comment!!!

      Thank you so very very much sweet friend for your generous praise! I so appreciate your encouragement and compliment a about me being brave, I didn’t feel brave at the time!! 🙂 I do appreciate you !! Hugs


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