Can you see…

“Where beams of imagination play,

The memory’s soft figures melt away.”

~Alexander Pope ~



Can you see me?

Can you see all that’s happened…

All that’s changed me…

The metamorphosis…the struggle, fear, determination,

unbearable solitude…

Forced strength coming from a place even I didn’t know existed…

A million tears…

Ripped in half…

Smiling on the outside to cover so much…

too much…

Packed up..

Locked away…

Hidden on purpose from myself…

Can you see me?

The real me…

deep inside like you used to?

Ready to break out of this suffocating cocoon…

Ready to be free…to fly…

Can you see?

I’m almost there…

All that’s left is buried in me…

Can you see?


Copyright © 2012 by Christina Brownlee ~

33 thoughts on “Can you see…

  1. Holding onto someone or something is difficult….but holding on to the real self is the most challenging.

    In a world plagued with deprived worth…a well written piece of introspection into the REAL ME…


  2. Fantastic christina , my words has failed me, but one thing, being in touch with oneself is great & expressing it in writing is amazing.


    • Thank you Peter…your words didn’t fail you 😀 ! I thank the amazing community here to help give me the courage and freedom to be able to express myself in ways that I never did before…thank you dear friend!


  3. Hi Christina,
    another pair of brilliant post ( together with Facade )
    Do the people that these pieces are aimed at ever get to read them?
    They say so much about your struggle and your resilience.
    I hope that your last few lines are fact, and that you are ready.. ready to progress.
    Fly free, fly high, my friend
    love n hugs and blessings to you Christina


    • Seadog, thank you so much…such high praise, I’m so very flattered and honored! 🙂 Um, no…or maybe they do read them? I don’t know. I’ve told them this before (less eloquently)…seems I am invisible. Sooo…this is more for me…to get it out of me.
      I feel with each step forward…I am almost ready to fly 🙂
      Love, hugs, and blessings to you friend!!


    • I’m honored that your creative spark would be lit by this! You should most definitely write poems again…such a wonderful way to express every aspect of humanity. 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing your sweet thoughts! Blessings ~


  4. Oh wow Christina ~ this is extremely potent! Very strong and very direct. Your writing superb and expressive. I can feel your determination and spirit as I read – even the rhythm of your verse has power. I am so happy you are “almost there” — Each step you take toward your liberation – your freedom is a wonderful step to be savored. Much Love my friend — and Brava to you for your courage and creativity in this mission xo Robyn


    • Princess Robyn 😉 you always say such incredibly wonderful things that always brightens my day and encourages me to step further and further into the future that is waiting. Thank you so much for being you, for your empathy, insight, and encouragement…you are so very appreciated sweet friend! Love, Hugs, and Blessings for a wonderful day!! ~


      • Awww – it’s comes easy to know what comment to make on your blog Christina… feel like I’m pretty in tune with you !! Thank you dear friend ~ xo


        • You’re so sweet 😀 And yes, I would wholeheartedly agree you are completely in tune with me!! 🙂 Huge Hugs and wishes for a wonderful rest of the day for you <3!!!


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