Anatomy Of Envy…

΅〜 ೋღ    ღೋ      〜΅


΅〜 ೋღ ღೋ      〜΅

Duplicitous people… Ego reigns supreme…
Faceless anonymity…
Blending into the crowd…
 Envy ever-present in each shadow…

Pretense of Virtue…

΅〜 〜΅ 

Infected thoughts permeate reason…

Drive inconsistent action….

Feed self-doubt…

Façade’s creation from distorted understanding…

΅〜 〜΅ 

It is not self one now projects….

It is another…

Envy morphs into emotional despair…

Feeds on itself until nothing but Ego remain…

Ego cares not for others…

It is self-driven…self-fulfilling…

΅〜 〜΅ 

One cure will abolish it…


For all one has…

For all one is….

΅∼ ೋღ  ღೋ      ∼΅

No one can be you…

 No one can be me… 

For we are each…



  ΅~ ೋ ೋ ~΅

΅〜 ೋღ  Christina~ ღೋ     〜΅

Photo Courtesy ~ blackeri deviantart

25 thoughts on “Anatomy Of Envy…

  1. “No one can be you
    No one can be me
    For we are each

    What a brilliant way to end this. Nobody can copy someone else without losing part of themself, but at the same time, it takes away part of the person being aped as well.

    That’s not to say I don’t like the whole thing, because I do. It is, as usual, your own brilliant style that says more than its words. Thank you for sharing this with us Christina.


    • Thank you Alastair…it is very true that it hurts everyone…the one taking and the one being taken from. No good comes from it. I shall choose to be grateful for all I have been given…all I have fought for…and where I have come from to where I am now.

      Thank you again for your insightful comment 🙂


      • You are welcome, Christina.

        You’ve been given a wonderful gift with your poetry, you have come a long way from the beginning. I know I am grateful for what you have been given, as are your loyal readers are as well.


  2. Is this a mystery coded poem?
    The letters from my end where in black. So- I had to highlight them to read them.
    Since I cracked the code – I feel like I’m part of a secret club here 🙂
    Love the image. If this wasn’t related to envy – I would say that I want that dress. I would definitely wear my hair differently & have different accesories too.
    I’m all for being me. Hollywood is not my thing. I’d be a terrible actress.
    Stay fabulous – Stay YOU!
    Xs, Os


    • LOL A mystery coded poem…I like that idea! It wasn’t intentional…was trying to lessen the spaces between lines. Annoys me with this theme…I am rather “particular”(to put it nicely haha) about how my poems are laid out…must have messed up something.

      Of course you would be invited to my secret club anyway!!! 😀 I do love this photo too!! haha wouldn’t wear my hair like this though….like you I’m all for being me! Let’s start a “We’re *all* awesome cuz we’re all unique club”!! 😉 Hehe I’m guaranteed to stay me, only way I know to be! Your just so much awesome fun…and very way much more than totally Fantabulous!!! 😀 X’s ~ O’s and Huge Hugs!!


    • Thank you so very much! It means so very much to me to read your insight on this piece. Yes…it does hurt, very much so…it hurts everyone involved and that makes me more than sad. Though….with transparency, honestly, and gratitude we could all be happier! Love you ♥♥!!


  3. You are indeed unique and that is the truth. Self doubt is a terrible thing but your words act as inspiration for us non plagiarising folk. You should be rightly proud of all your work and the fact that it inspires envy from so many positive thoughts outweighs those who would seek to make cheap copies. Indeed the tacky copies only enhance yours. FACT! xxxxx


    • I thank you, my dearest sir for your amazing praise….I do strive…ever so much…to be unique. I would hope that these words help…enlighten anyone who reads them that we are all special and unique, also how boring the world would be if we were all the same. If I could be an inspiration to anyone….then I am exceedingly happy indeed!!! xxxxx


  4. Well Christina, you almost stumped me AGAIN !! But not quite. Your words are exquisite (big word … look it up 😉 ) and I really did enjoy this post. I wish you well my friend. Ralph xox 😀
    PS May I join the secret club ?


    • Haha I doubt that my good sir!! I shan’t look up that word for I am quite familiar with it….I do love words so very very much!!! 😉 I am happy you enjoyed this piece…very very happy indeed!!! Thank you so much for your amazingly sweet comment and well wishes! I send the very same to you plus some hugs and a cookie too!

      Of course you may be in my secret club!!! Wouldn’t be the same without you!! 😀 xoxo


      • I know you love words and you are really clever in the way you put them together … the secret club code perhaps ? 😉
        Hugs AND a cookie !! I am privileged 😀 Thank you my friend. xox


  5. “Envy morphs into emotional despair…
    Feeds on itself until nothing but Ego remain…
    Ego cares not for others…
    It is self-driven…self-fulfilling”

    Envy and ego can eat away at the very soul of our being if allowed to feed. Gratitude is most definitely the answer, and have I told you lately just how grateful I am for you and your impassioned prose? Much love to you dear one. 🙂


    • As usual dearest friend…your insight into this one is spot on! Gratitude is the answer for so much!! I think those who feel/are driven by envy don’t realize the hurt they can cause other people, being self-focused as they are.

      You’re the bestest!!! And I am so very very grateful for you…mutual gratitude is the awesomest! Like you❤❤!! 😀


  6. You have such a way with words, my dear Christina. I thought perhaps you might enjoy the music video by Matthew West found at:

    The music video and subject might stimulate your creative juices to flow creating another award winning poem. Keep them coming, Christina. They are as beautiful as you are. You are a very gifted young lady!! ❤


    • Thank you very much for your ever so kind words of praise and also for your suggestion. Forgiveness is a sticky subject. One can freely forgive….the question is then about trust and whether you wish to have someone in your life even though you’ve forgiven them. I do agree with Matthew West in that forgiveness is a personal thing for oneself…not for others. Again…I thank you very much for sharing your thoughts and generous praise! 🙂


      • Thank you, Christina, for the insight as to “forgiveness is a sticky subject.” The part of your poem “Anatomy of Envy” I thought was most poignant in connection with Mathew West’s music video was:

        Infected thoughts permeate reason…
        Drive inconsistent action….
        Feed self-doubt…
        Façade’s creation from distorted understanding…

        Your writings are fantastic “food for thought.” Deep thinking gives a respite from reality. Since it is only reasonable to render to all what is due them…honor to whom honor is due, accolades to you for so much depth in such few words. Because living life keeps me quite occupied, I rarely have an opportunity to expound as fully as I would like when I blog.


        • Thank you Remlee, I do very much appreciate your sharing your thoughts and praise. I am happy to know you enjoy my work. You mentioned blogging…I would like to visit if you would be so kind to share your link?


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