Words string together in my mind like the rushing river….

Lost in the current of thought…

Gone too fast to contemplate…






Hope and Fear cannot live together…

So many words…

So many questions…

So many …too many…


Your sweet voice in my ears like a warm summer breeze…


Delicious distraction…

A dream hidden in reality…

Another paradox…

Dissipating disquiet…



Copyright © 2012 Christina Brownlee ~

30 thoughts on “Paradox…

  1. the beauty of the human self lies in the ease by which it sources so many contradicting feels – anger-peace, love-hate, frustration-calmness etc etc.

    That’s why – we are the God’s best creation !

    Honest post !


  2. That was a great piece Christina. It seems that the new you- you have been reconstructing is coming along well! Beautiful thoughts here.


    • Thank you so much Felicia, that means so very much to me. Yes, I believe things are finally turning around!! I so appreciate your sweet praise!! 😀


  3. This is absolutely beautiful work Christina, so eloquently written and you are so write, hope and fear can not live together and it’s a constant battle not to let the latter interfere with our spiritual growth.
    I love this, thank you for sharing.x


    • Oh Chris, thank you so very very much!!! I can’t tell you how much it means to me that you really love this! So agreed….about the constant battle…. Thank you for sharing your very kind sweet thoughts 😀 xxxx


    • Oh!!! Thank you…really…so very much!! I so value and appreciate your sweet compliment and encouragment!! One step at a time ;D Hugs sweet friend ~


  4. Ahhh yes – the ‘paradox’ — I remember when I learned that ‘hope and fear cannot live together’ — an amazing epiphany it was. So it seems that if we encourage and allow hope to take the lead — the fear has no other choice but to dissipate!! Your work is just expanding Christina – on many levels. Your ‘reconstruction’ project is flourishing my friend. Loved this poem, and know there are wonderful things waiting in your future. Just breathe for now – as that breath is the conduit that will lead to the clarity you seek. Much Love ~ and appreciation for all you are, xo Robyn


    • Robyn, you always say exactly what I’m expressing and never fail to encourage me about wonderful things coming in the future…I am actually beginning to believe you :p

      I will take your advice and ‘just breathe’ then….wait for the clarity to lead the way!! 😀 I do so appreciate you dearest friend so very very much!! Sending so so much love ♥♥♥♥ !!!


      • It’s funny but when I write to you – it seems so much like I know you a very long time… and maybe like a little sister or something –:) I am often half asleep still, and then I need to re-read — what did I say?? But usually it’s straight from my heart-uncensored and just right for what I was wanting to express to you. Yes — I will take my advice with you and breathe while I wait for that clarity too… We will get there !! xxoo Much Love


        • That’s it!!!! You’re my soul-sister 😀 !!!! You do get me and what I write with so so much clarity!!!! Let us both take this advice and together we will find the clarity!!!! All ways together :D…I do so love you dearest friend ♥♥♥♥ !!!


  5. Yes, those rushing thoughts….hope and fear mixed together….I can feel the uneasiness….relate fully….lots of that….makes me think of my latest favorite slogan, “stop worrying, start praying”…..xom


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