Not That Kind of Love Poem (A Reading of “5-7-5”)

It is my honor to present to you my and Neil’s third collaboration. Thank you sweet sir for sharing your divine words with me…the honor is and always will be…mine.

My Pretzel Logic

5-7-5 (you can find the full poem here) was written with a girl in mind. Last night, something happened. I merged Christina’s audio reading of the poem with a photo of a boy and some background music. The result was something unintentional yet wonderfully and indescribably different. I will never see 5-7-5 the same way again.

For mothers who know, live and breathe unconditional love.


PS: A trillion thanks to Christina Gregory for this 3rd collaboration.

*You might want to don those earphones to hear the achingly beautiful theme from the movie Definitely, Maybe.

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I have had the highest honor, once again, to read aloud another piece of Neil’s…this from his Caffeine Chronicles. I am a caffeine/coffee addict and an addict of his words! Thank you Neil…for yet another divine collaboration! 😀

My Pretzel Logic

“From where I sit, I can still see your teaspoon stop mid-stir, thin wisps of steam rising from your mug – your Holy Grail – and then you’re gone. You never said so much as a goodbye or thanks. You just went ahead, choking on either the teaspoonful of cappuccino or the bitter words that came out of our mouths.” — The Caffeine Chronicles

THE FOLLOWING audio clip is my second collaboration with fabulous Christina Brownlee. Once more, thank you, Christina!  Tempest in My Coffee Cup, like all my other works, was written from a masculine perspective. Having it in sound bites and in feminine POV has given the piece a fresh new meaning. The character that swarmed then settled deep inside my head long ago is now gone.  In its place is someone who may not exactly share my thoughts, my particular fears, my place in the world…

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Many months ago I was speaking to AnElephant, please don’t think me daft or loony for I often speak to this particular Elephant. He spoke of writing about butterflies…then he did. I certainly should have known AnElephant could never forget! I am most assuredly tardy in my reblogging of his exquisite ethereal most excellent poem about butterflies…this is my way of saying thank you good sir…for being with me from the beginning…your steadfastness in friendship and sticking with me when I was only posting famous quotes.
You are by far my favorite most entertaining, loveable, brilliant, witty, remarkable Rhymster, fantastically funny, satirically silly Elephant! It is my honor to share this with my friends here at my blog-home. Huge hugs sweet friend! ~



once upon a time
I saw a butterfly
whimsically twinkling
through the brightly hued garden
of life
making me smile
brightening my existence
alighting for but a moment
on each flower in my soul
eclipsing the radiance of each petal
nurturing my wonder
giving pleasure

 * * *

by her very nature
her joy-bringing was ephemeral
but in that brief second
I savoured her magic
her elegance
her effortless grace
and I was lifted by her beauty

 * * *

what a gift she inspired
just by being
what a gift to teach
with no word
the purest of all of life’s lessons
that which you cherish
but for a fragment of an instant
enriches for all eternity

 * * *

I held her for that fraction
watched the colours fade
too fast
released her
with a smile
with a tear

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Sometimes…you hear music that moves you…
Sometimes…you read something that touches you…
Sometimes…you see something that effects you as nothing has before…
Sometimes…all three come together and you feel it in your soul…making you cry with a kaleidoscope of emotion…
This video by Neil…was all three for me…
You Sweet Sir…are brilliant…it is with total admiration that I reblog this…
Thank you so so much for sharing this!!

My Pretzel Logic

Preserving a b-day tradition.

Words:  NGT, “The Caffeine Chronicles” My Pretzel Logic
Video Footage: Jubafilms

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I had the highest honor of getting to read aloud Neil’s amazing poem “For Loss of Words” There are no words to describe what an incredible collaboration this was for me. Thank you Neil…so much!! 😀

My Pretzel Logic

FOR LOSS OF WORDS is about love, loss, the art of photography and a million words. I wrote this piece for a friend of mine after parting ways with her photographer boyfriend. This one’s written from the photog’s point of view.

Read by an amazing woman, Christina Gregory (formerly Brownlee), it is one of my most memorable works owing to the many colorful (and, at times, painful) backstories behind its writing and events post publishing.

*Amplification or headphone required for best listening.

For Loss of Words from The Caffeine Chronicles, My Pretzel Logic

This is my portrait of you.
It speaks to me in strange, colored verses,
in whispered codes of ancient languages.
I often get that illusion.  You are not easy to ignore.
I’ve long studied its dog-eared corners, one by one,
pressed against the fluorescent light.
I’ve made its hidden legends my own and let them float

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You Said…

“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.”



You said I was beautiful…

You made me feel like a goddess…

You said you loved me…

And proved it at every opportunity…

You said we were a perfect fit…

Like puzzle pieces…

You said if any one made me cry you’d make them cry…

And you did…

You said I was perfect…

When I didn’t feel remotely pretty…

We sang… We danced… We loved…

So passionately…completely…breathtakingly fantastic…

We were two pieces who became one whole…

You said you wanted to grow old with me…

You didn’t…

You left me…

You said you couldn’t guarantee to love me for the rest of my life

but you would love me for the rest of yours….

And you did…

Like a magnificent opus…


Each piece actually has “I Love You” written on it…


Copyright © 2012 Christina Brownlee


“To laugh often and much;

to win the respect of intelligent people

and the affection of children;

to earn the appreciation of honest critics

and endure the betrayal of false friends;

to appreciate beauty; to find the best in others;

to leave the world a bit better,

whether by a healthy child, a garden patch,

or redeemed social condition;

to know even one life has breathed easier

because you have lived.

This is to have succeeded.”

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~



I have been so deeply moved the past few days by reading other blogs and posts that some might find sad or melancholy…to me I found myself. I found a connection to others in that deep dark place that only people who have had or are going through tragedy can truly relate to. No one can know…each is a unique story.

Perhaps it isn’t just that they’re are going through or have gone through tragedy but are in touch with it nonetheless. The truth of it is…it is success to me. If you can write words and arrange them in such a manner as to evoke a feeling, good, bad, sad, or otherwise then you have made a connection with someone…with any one who reads your words.

We each are unique and have our own story to tell. And we each have our own way to tell it…poems, photographs, quotes, funny stories or whimsical ones that make you smile or laugh…or be sad and cry…or really think about how a particular piece means to you…it becomes part of you now.

They each serve their purpose…our blog is our home. Our own little piece of this internet cosmos and it moves in ever widening, ever increasing, circles of friends and connections to others…some we are blessed to interact with, some we never hear about but could have made all the difference in the world for without ever knowing. It is important…vital, to write or show through photographs what we see, feel, and think…regardless of the emotional response.

We are all healing, rediscovering, sharing, connecting…

                     and because each voice is unique and touches others then we are by the definition above…Successful.

Christina ~