Not That Kind of Love Poem (A Reading of “5-7-5”)

It is my honor to present to you my and Neil’s third collaboration. Thank you sweet sir for sharing your divine words with me…the honor is and always will be…mine.

My Pretzel Logic

5-7-5 (you can find the full poem here) was written with a girl in mind. Last night, something happened. I merged Christina’s audio reading of the poem with a photo of a boy and some background music. The result was something unintentional yet wonderfully and indescribably different. I will never see 5-7-5 the same way again.

For mothers who know, live and breathe unconditional love.


PS: A trillion thanks to Christina Gregory for this 3rd collaboration.

*You might want to don those earphones to hear the achingly beautiful theme from the movie Definitely, Maybe.

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12 thoughts on “Not That Kind of Love Poem (A Reading of “5-7-5”)

    • Thank you so very much…I do love Neil’s words…I like to escape into the world his words create…I am very happy you enjoyed this! Hugs!!


  1. What a lovely collaboration 😀 The poem. the music and your voice worked so well together. I enjoyed it. Well done. Ralph xox 😀


    • Thank you so much! It is always such an honor and a decadent treat to read Neil’s brilliant words. He does such an amazing job of putting all the pieces together!! I am very very happy you enjoyed this!!! Hugs… 😀 !! xoxo


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