I have had the highest honor, once again, to read aloud another piece of Neil’s…this from his Caffeine Chronicles. I am a caffeine/coffee addict and an addict of his words! Thank you Neil…for yet another divine collaboration! 😀

My Pretzel Logic

“From where I sit, I can still see your teaspoon stop mid-stir, thin wisps of steam rising from your mug – your Holy Grail – and then you’re gone. You never said so much as a goodbye or thanks. You just went ahead, choking on either the teaspoonful of cappuccino or the bitter words that came out of our mouths.” — The Caffeine Chronicles

THE FOLLOWING audio clip is my second collaboration with fabulous Christina Brownlee. Once more, thank you, Christina!  Tempest in My Coffee Cup, like all my other works, was written from a masculine perspective. Having it in sound bites and in feminine POV has given the piece a fresh new meaning. The character that swarmed then settled deep inside my head long ago is now gone.  In its place is someone who may not exactly share my thoughts, my particular fears, my place in the world…

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  1. Between you and Neil, you have done a fantastic job. I love the way you recite the poem, it captures the attention of the listener and draws them in, making them feel that they are there, living the moment. And yes, I am a coffee addict as well 😆 . Time for another one I think. Both of your collaborations have been fantastic.

    Have you ever thought of reading any of your own pieces? As I said on Neil’s post, you have a great voice.


    • Thank you Ralph…so so very much!! I’m so happy you liked this 🙂 Was an incredible experience, yet again. I just love working with Neil! I hope you are well sweet friend…I have been terribly remiss in my visits…but am hopeful now things have settled a bit and I can catch up! Hugs~


    • Thank you Valerie!! I am so very glad you enjoyed this! And thank you again for your very appreciated thoughts, encouragement, and praise…you’ve given me a huge smile 😀 Hugs & Blessings ~


    • Esenga, thank you so very much….this whole experience has just had me smiling! I’m so happy you enjoyed this! I do so love working with Neil…his writing is brilliant, makes my job easy 🙂


    • Ste J, thank you….I really honestly wish I could think of better words than ‘thank you’. Truly, I appreciate your sweet generous thoughts and praise! 🙂


    • Summer, you are so sweet and thoughtful! I apologize for being so very late in saying thank you for sharing this wonderfully sweet gift with me. You are cherished sweet friend! Hugs & Blessings ~


    • Chris 🙂 I’m glad you did hit the play button!! I was nervous about doing this, even though it was my second…but like you said….I’m glad I did though! I hope you liked it! 🙂


  2. Absolutely exquisitely beautiful Christina. Your voice is as lovely as you are and as talented in quality as the words Neil wrote! A wonderful collaboration. I am most exceedingly pleased! 🙂 xxx much love my darling daughter, mom!


    • Thank you so much….I’m thinking you’re a tad bit biased 😉 …but that doesn’t lessen my gratitude and appreciation for your very sweet and generous praise!! Love you Mom!! ❤ ~


    • Thank you so so much Roxi!! I’m so happy you enjoyed this…I have to admit I did/do love not only working with Neil on this but the whole process!! 😀


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