΅ 〜 ೋღ ♥ ღೋ      〜΅

Undone 2

΅〜 ೋღ ♥ ღೋ      〜΅

Procession of emotions…

Steady succession of thoughts, so rapid they are unfathomable…

΅〜  〜΅

My mind begs surrender to illusion of peace…

Longing for tranquility of thought creating serenity in my soul…

Momentary glimpses of how the scattered pieces will join together…

One by one a blurry picture of future is forged…

΅〜  〜΅

The quest for answers takes me down the path of distraction…

Unexpected knowledge…

New pieces always adding to the potpourri of thought…

Mirage of the new world…

΅〜  〜΅

Conflicted confusion invades serenity…

Discovered distraction surrounds me…where does it dwell?

More illusion or just a dream within a dream?

Did I unknowingly discover these new pieces?

Adding to the journey of solution…

΅〜  〜΅

I close my eyes and ponder…

Trying to find answers…

They are not forthcoming…

Purposely hidden from me…

Faux reality…

΅〜 ❀ 〜΅

Surreal scenarios leave me aching for illumination…

Conflicted distraction my new companion…

The very lens through which I see myself…

    ΅〜 ೋღ ღೋ      〜΅    


I am undone…


 ΅ ೋღ  ღೋ      ΅

 ΅〜 ೋღ  Christina~  ღೋ      〜΅

45 thoughts on “Undone….

    • Thank you very very much Mike!! I do love words….I could go so far as to say I am rather obsessed with them…the very varying ways they can be used to evoke something hitherto unknown…rarely used combinations….all ways leaves me increasingly fascinated and driven!!

      It makes me exceedingly happy that you enjoyed this piece…I am, as ever, honored and humbled that you do! ~


    • Thank you so much Bulldog!! I do love words…they are like a puzzle for me to constantly play with….my most intense desire is to put words to emotions….to make the intangible…tangible. I am smiling hugely that you loved this post…thank you so much again sweet friend! 🙂


  1. Another excellent piece of poetry, Christina.

    When we go in search of answers, we sometimes find what we are not looking for.

    Deep breaths.


  2. There’s lots of nuance to this one which could keep my analysis face going for weeks, just the way I like it then! Where to start though…I love the visuals of ‘future is forged’, that had me in mind of a literal forge where you worked upon creating you ever changing thoughts on a myriad of things past, present and future, all connected and moulded together.

    I seemed to get an Arthurian vibe as well, bear with me I have evidence to support my claim, the words ‘quest’, ‘illumination’ and ‘serenity in my soul’ all remind me of the Round Table’s quest for the Holy Grail, this of course being your personal one. Layers upon layers, that’s what you always have in your words, many subtle illusions that are easy to miss. I love that, you demand to be reread ad infinitum.

    Kudos for using the criminally rare word potpourri as well, I never thought I would see that word in so fascinating a context…you have a simple way of letting us readers understand you and your complex thoughts and ways. Class act, is a way I haven’t used to sum your lyrical words for a while.

    You cut and thrust (insert possible reference to jousting here, another favourite from Le Morte D’ Arthur) through your feelings to write something cogent and intriguing. If this is you undone then your words when ‘done up’ will be colossally exciting. xxxxx


    • I’m well honored that this post could evoke such an amazingly well thought out….filled with nuance and depth….review by the infamous Ste J!!

      You always encourage me….and do me great honor by your awesomazingly exvepic comment(s)…I thank you my dearest sir for your wondrous words of praise…all ways xxxxx


  3. Another great poem Christina 😀
    I hope it’s not the necklace in the picture that’s undone or you’ll end up with a million beads all over the floor. 😉 Ralph xox 😀


    • LOL!!! My Dear Sir…you are guaranteed to always make me smile, giggle…or outright laugh…usually all three!! 😉 You’re the bestest…don’t forget it!! xoxo ~


      • Hehe !! Being a mere innocent male what does it mean when a woman says, *Oh sir, I am undone” ? Is it a) by magic her breast size increases ten fold and her blouse buttons pop OR b) A passing fireman has taken advantage of her OR c) she has a screw loose. I suspect c) though I could be wrong 😉


        • Oh you know me…with my propensity to bring back some of the manners and phrases from times gone like “my good sir” and such like….so to be “undone” was meant to express a state of confusion which coincidently is the state I live in! Haha I think I’ll agree with “c” as well….as I most definitely fit that description! 😉 xoxo


          • Then, thee M’lady art undone. Undone but not a hopeless wench. “C” is just a small blemish in thy talented life. Thou art arisen above such thoughts. I bless thee. Go forth and multiply 😉 …… thy odes !! xox


            • LOL Oh….I’m still laughing…. ~ I am most exceedingly pleased my good and gracious sir that I be not seen as a hopeless wench….rather a lady… ~ oooo Lady Christina….oh yes I could get used to that haha! 😉 ~ I shall indeed go forth as requested and write many an ode… xoxo


  4. You have a true gift for the written word Christina and I have thoroughly enjoyed this piece of poetry that you have offered here. Thank you for calling into my Space today and do please call again whenever you have the opportunity my new friend. I will look forward to reading more of your work, you are an outstanding writer 🙂

    Andro xx


    • Thank you so very much Andro! I am so very appreciative of your generous praise sweet friend! You’ve given me the gift of a huge smile today…I am honored and humbled by your sweet compliments! 🙂 xx


      • You are welcome, it is refreshing to read such wonderful writing and I will be calling back very soon to read some more of your work.

        You have a passion for writing,
        and I saw that straight away 🙂

        Have a lovely rest of Wednesday Christina 🙂



    • Thank you so much LuAnn…I am sorry this resonated with you so much….though words are a wonderful release for me anyway…when I’m feeling overwhelmed or any emotion really.

      I do hold you and Terry so very close to my heart and my prayers…all ways! Please remember to take good care of you as well!! Sending so so much love to you dearest friend and prayers for better days soonest ❤❤❤!!


  5. Sounds like someone who cant find peace knowing the truth or going mad pondering the possibility of it


    • Thank you AL, for stopping by and for sharing your thoughts, your insight into this one. It is fascinating to me the angle with which you interpreted this….not only fascinating, but most definitely accurate.


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