Procession of emotions…

Steady succession of thoughts, so rapid they are unfathomable…


My mind begs surrender to illusion of peace.

Longing for tranquillity of thought creating serenity in my soul.

Momentary glimpses of how the scattered pieces will join together.

One by one a blurry picture of future is forged.


The quest for answers takes me down the path of distraction…

Unexpected knowledge…

New pieces always adding to the potpourri of thought…

Mirage of the new world.


Conflicted confusion invades serenity…

Discovered distraction surrounds me…where does it dwell?

More illusion or just a dream within a dream?

Did I unknowingly discover these new pieces?

Adding to the journey of solution…


I close my eyes and ponder…

Trying to find answers…

They are not forthcoming…

Purposely hidden from me…

Faux reality…


Surreal scenarios leave me aching for illumination…

Conflicted distraction my new companion.

The very lens through which I see myself.



I am undone…


copyright ©2012 Christina Brownlee

20 thoughts on “Undone…

  1. Beautifully written 🙂 I love the imagery… I seem to say that a lot but it’s true LOL

    I especially like the last two lines… 🙂

    Conflicted distraction my new companion.

    The very lens through which I see myself.


    • Thank you Richard! This one did have a lot of imagery for me. I’m very glad there were some lines that stood out to you more than others. I do appreciate your sweet praise, so very much!! Hugs ~


  2. Yes — the emotions…don’t they just take us from one place to the next– open some doors – close others, and then spin us around a few times… well of course we get all “undone” — It’s ok though — go with the flow and embrace the uncertaintly… ughhh … so not easy — trust me i know 🙂 This was lovely Christina …just felt like we danced the tango or soemthing reading it — powerful stuff ~ Love to you dear soul sister 🙂 xo


    • Oh Robyn, yes….you always always know what I’m saying!! I’m so so very glad you liked it!!!! As you know, it can be difficult to share the not so uplifting parts of life. Sending all my love, prayers, and healing energy to you beloved soul sister!!! ♥♥♥♥ !!!

      (I need apologize, am late replying, long story, but such a sweet sweet treasure to see your amazing insightful comment waiting for me here 😀 )


  3. I share your current state of mind. I just wish i was able to express those feelings as beautifully as you do. Instead i fantisize about numbing the pain, emptiness – the unrevalling of my life. Congrats on making the pain constructive


    • I am sorry to hear that you can relate to this state of mind. Thank you so very very much for your sweet compliments as to how I expressed this. I do appreciate that very very much!!.

      One thing I have realized….in life, is that numbing away the pain and emptiness doesn’t fix anything. In the end you’re still there. I know of which I speak (see first post “My Own Little Piece of the Cosmos” if you’re interested in my story) I know first hand what it is like to have your life unravel before your helpless eyes. And I know it’s a choice for each person to make…..to let it overwhelm you, drown you — or fight for the life that’s meant to be lived. The one that brings ‘you’ happiness unrelated to anyone else. If you ever want to talk, just send an email. I have faced battle after battle, have the emotional scars to prove it. Just want to extend a listening, empathethic ear if you need done.

      I do hope for the best for you friend…sincerely!
      Christina ~


    • Thank you so very much Celestine!!! I do so value and appreciate your sweet praise and encouragement. I find that after writing something I feel lighter, bettter….like its out of me now. I really appreciate you sweet friend!!! Hugs! ~


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