Feeling Good….

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted and

I’ve had some inquiries as to such….


Nina Simone can say it better than I….

So if you’re wondering how I’m doing….

I will answer….

I’m feeling good….



Birds flying high you know how I feel
Sun in the sky you know how I feel
Breeze driftin’ on by you know how I feel

It’s a new dawn
It’s a new day
It’s a new life
For me
And I’m feeling good

Fish in the sea you know how I feel
River running free you know how I feel
Blossom on the tree you know how I feel


Dragonfly out in the sun you know what I mean, don’t you know
Butterflies all havin’ fun you know what I mean
Sleep in peace when day is done
That’s what I mean

And this old world is a new world
And a bold world
For me

Stars when you shine you know how I feel
Scent of the pine you know how I feel
Oh freedom is mine
And I know how I feel


My own little piece of the cosmos…

So, this is officially my first post…I have a lot to say about the past…the present…and my dreams for the future.  For now my posts may be short…some may be interesting, some you may have heard already (If you know me in person), and some may be from my phone as soon as I have that figured out.

I wanted somewhere to post my thoughts, random quotes, and musings that would end up out in the cosmos somewhere.  I guess this is that place.

As for the title of this blog, well I was happily married for almost 20 years when in January of 2010 I almost died of H1N1 & double pneumonia. The doctors said it would take 6 or more months to heal from that devastating event.  Four months later,  my husband, Duane, was killed suddenly in a motorcycle accident…leaving myself and three children (18-year-old daughter Jordan, 12-year-old son Jack, and a 10-year-old daughter Emma) to a whole new world without him.  There was quite the dramatic/traumatic event of fighting for the house we’ve lived in for 12 years.  See, my in-laws owned the home and decided less than a year after we lost Duane to sell our home. Long sad, tragic, jaw-dropping story…short version? I/we officially own our home now (as of a few weeks ago) and are safe and secure in the fact that we will move when “we” want to!

I do want to give a huge shout out and thank you to my mother…she was there for me and my 10-day stay in the hospital while I was fighting to live and she’s been there for me since through the darkest of days. Your my hero mom…don’t ever forget it!!!

I didn’t want to get into all of that because honestly, it’s been going on so long I’m really ready to move forward with my life.  I am now a single mother who has to provide for and raise 3…well okay technically 2 children on my own. But let’s face it…how many of us were really grown up at 18? Especially with the loss of her father at age 16?

So, in short this blog is about me putting the pieces together to form a new life. All those new things out there waiting to be experienced and goals to strive for, most importantly a whole new life to live!

It is my hope that this little piece of me out in the cosmos will be a cool place to visit frequently as I figure out this new life, new me…maybe it will be sad sometimes, funny or quirky –perhaps thought-provoking, and just maybe you might learn something too! After all, through the last 2 years I’ve become quite the expert on human behavior though the toughest course of all…life!