I Did It!!

My dear friends!

I know time has passed while I have been continuing to fight those fierce inner battles…but… I’ve been making progress too. So, now that it’s complete, not only am I back, but I can finally share my incredible news with you!

I’ve been hard at work these past months getting my first book, an anthology of my poetry, ready for you!

Final draft 1

As you can see off to the right a pretty little photo of my book (that will take you to Amazon). For 5 days, September 3rd-7th, the ebook version will be free, after that you can purchase it on Kindle or paperback (available now) via Amazon. Also, on Kindle Unlimited you can read it for free as well.

As for the donate button…

I am asking for your help my friends…for your support. Every dollar you so graciously give goes to my roof fund. I am in desperate need of a new one and you could help. I’m trying to raise 1,800.00 as soon as possible. I’ll update weekly to share our progress making this happen!!

Whether you want to just read my book, make a donation, sprinkle me with Amazon stars, or share the word to anyone you think might like it…you have my eternal gratitude.

For all donations $50 dollars and over I’ll mail you a physical, signed copy of my book, with a personal message from me to you and sealed with supremely epic gratitude!

It was the incredible encouragement I received over the years that enabled me to do this and I just want to say that I am so thankful for each of you!! For your loving support and encouragement, thank you again, and again!

Stay tuned for progress updates on some of the other projects I’m working on. I’ll share some updates and funny stories about my journey through self-publishing, as well as a couple poems I’m getting ready for you!

Update: This button will not work in the WordPress Reader, please open in a browser to access the button.

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9 thoughts on “I Did It!!

  1. Having read the book, and knowing what you are capable of with your poetry, it is an exquisite book that I will read again and again. Your poetry in the physical is magnificence.

    I wish there was a way I could magically help with the roof. Alas, I don’t have that kind of money or I would help you in a heartbeat.

    Congratulations on publishing this book. A great feat. So proud of you for doing this.

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    • Thank you so very incredibly much my dear friend… for your most incredible words!!

      Every little bit adds up and you bought the book! 🙂 I’m over the moon that you enjoy it.
      Thank you again…for your steadfast support, for your encouragement. You are so appreciated!

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  2. Congratulations, Christina. I am so pleased to hear of the release and immediate availability of your new and very first book. I’ve always admired (been in awe, actually) your consummate skill at weaving together in magical formulations, brilliantly written and inspiring poetry, all the while personally overcoming adversity. And yes, of course I have purchased the book and also contributed towards your new roof. I’m going to reblog now to share the news. Once again, my most sincere congratulations. All the accolades headed your way are well earned and deserved. Just sayin’ ….

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  3. Reblogged this on The Why About This and commented:

    Just had to share this blog. On so many levels, Christina’s recently published book is much more than just another book of poetry. Her raw courage to begin emotional and self healing and rediscovery (following a series of seemingly never-ending trials and stark tragedy) by putting words into a written form of expression is inspirational in and of itself but, oh, the moving poetic brilliance of her words is mesmerizing. I will be rereading each poem as a masterpiece from a wordsmith again and again. Truly her book is a gift from one person’s broken and reconstructing heart to be cherished, loved and shared with the hearts of many others. I do strongly encourage you to consider checking her book out. Well worth your time and yes, she deserves it.

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  4. I can’t find the donate button. Lol. And your book has so many emotions and expressions. I love you my friend and will do everything I can to help.


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