Paradigm Shift…

melancholy shadow woman

΅〜  ೋ  ೋ 〜΅

That last desperate flamboyance of wallowing in a world of wishes…

Blissfully ignorant…

Only to wake to the insidious lie hidden in time…

Brought forward to wake you from the otherwhere of this evanescent dream…

Dividing itself from reality through a gossamer veil…

Echoes of reminiscence whisper from the other side…

Memory by memory…


 ΅〜 ೋღ ❁ ღೋ      〜΅

Paradigm shift…


΅〜  ೋ  ೋ 〜΅

     ΅〜 ೋ  Christina〜  ೋ 〜΅

30 thoughts on “Paradigm Shift…

  1. What a beautiful addition to the Dreamscape. So beautiful, and yet you portray such a sadness that you can feel it coming through the veil.

    A short piece of prose, but it comes across so well, the waking up and finding an unexpected sorrow. You really know how to bring in the reader so that they feel rather than read your poetry. A veritable skill worthy of some of the master poets.

    The images you find to go with them are magnificent. Fantastic.


  2. “You must learn to overcome your very natural and appropriate revulsion for your own work.”… this caught my eye after reading your wonderful potpourri of words… can it be true that one must learn that…. I love my own work, that’s why I post it… surely you love your own work too ??? If you don’t you should…


    • I love your work too!! Am still waiting for Nat Geo to come knocking down your door! 😀 It was a great quote, and I will admit I always go through a bit of a panicky ritual every…single…time…I post lol. I’m working on loving it! You are so very sweet to encourage me to. Thank you so so very much Bulldog!! 🙂


  3. “That last desperate flamboyance of wallowing in a world of wishes…

    Blissfully ignorant…

    I find that, over time, my perception is changing. Perhaps the reality, which I initially so carefully constructed and reasoned, was but a defense mechanism; and it’s only now, after that required passage of time has elapsed, that I allow myself to awaken from that blissful ignorance.



    • It is bittersweet that this piece resonated with you. Thank you so very much Manfred, for sharing your thoughts on this…it does mean so much!


    • I am happy and honored you would describe this piece as you have. I love a bit of intrigue and mystery. To hear your thoughts is always such a gift, thank you ever so much for sharing with me!


  4. Otherwhere, I like that word, it is the place where your Dreamscape resides. Tangible but mysterious, a bit like me, except that I’m neither of those things.

    The inevitable jolts of life, reminding us of former,happier times are something akin to a huge speed bump on a long trip…these thoughts and memories are wonderful creations though and there are ones you will always treasure.

    Oh and by the way, who took that audition photo of you for the next Bond credits?


    • “Tangible and mysterious”…I do like that very much! You are absolutely right about thoughts and memories…I will always treasure them all. I’m afraid I cannot answer your question on the grounds that I may or may not incriminate myself….


  5. Hi Christina 😀 I agree with Ste J Your secret as the opening title sequence Bond girl has come out. You are not only a great poet, but you show a lot more than a shadow of yourself my friend. 😉 xox ❤


    • Ha! Rumors! Or are they? 😉 Not telling…it’s all about keeping the mystery! Thank you so much for your sweet praise my very kind and wonderful friend… 🙂 xox ❤ ~


  6. Just gorgeous! Sensational prose. Captivating! And, still optimistic, almost as though the butterfly is emerging. “Echoes of reminiscence whisper from the other side”, leads me to believe so. xoxo ❤ A joy to read your work!


  7. You definitely have the most melodic vocab I ever have seen.
    And – I love it. Your words are like no other in the way that they flow & in the way that you put them together.
    #XOXO #LoVe #BlesSings #HapPyFaCes #OneOfAKind #FantabUlousYoU


    • RoSy, you do say the most wondrously encouraging things…you truly give me the hugest bestest gifts with your words!!
      #AwesomazingTimesAGazillionYOU #HugetSmiles #Hugs #LoveLoveLove #HappiestWeekend #XOXO ❤ ~


  8. Hi christina , ambled into yr site through common network . reading your lines was akin to slipping into a short and sweet dream , and then the work-a-day concerns suddenly jerking you up into reality, which is nothing but another long illusion in which we all are…best wishes…raj


    • Raj, thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your wonderful thoughts! It is an honor to be able to have written as you shared. Thank you again, so so much!


        • It has been way way too long! I am well thank you sweet friend! I hope you are also and send my very bestest wishes for a wonderful weekend! I’m looking forward to catching up on what I’ve missed during my hiatus. Love and hugs to you! 🙂 ~


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