Double The Honor ~ Twice The Fun…

  ΅∼ ೋ ೋ ∼΅

I am so excited to share that I will now be a contributing author over at The Poet’s Corner! You each have been so amazing and supportive as I have grown through my words…my connections with you all. Even if you’ve only visited once…clicked that magical “like” button…you, too, have added to my world..making it rich, vibrant, and beyond rewarding!

So…check out the above link and you will find a wealth of talented writers whom I am privileged to be amongst. I’ll look forward to catching up with all of you while I explore this new world of posting on two sites…as per the title I truly do feel this is double the honor and twice the fun!!

  ΅∼ ೋ ೋ ∼΅

 ΅〜 ೋღ  Christina~  ღೋ      〜΅

28 thoughts on “Double The Honor ~ Twice The Fun…

  1. Twice the fun for us as well…if it means more magical musings from your pen (sorry ran out of ‘M’ words for that sentence) then I will be happy.

    The connection and support is mutual though so don’t forget that you give us back the same wonderful gifts. xxxxx


    • You’re awesome…thank you so much for saying it is reciprocal…truly means the world to me if I am able to give even a tenth of what you all have given me!! Love the alliteration as well! xxxxx


  2. Congratulations my dear!! No surprise at all 🙂
    I pray that you will continue to let your light shine and that your words will have a loud ‘sound’ that reaches and impacts many lives; far beyond your wildest imagination! 😉
    Have fun doing what you love and are gifted to do!
    Warmest blessings to you 😉


    • JC…you have no idea how much your sweet comment has blessed me dear friend!! Thank you so very very much for your encouragement and most cherished praise!! Sending blessings and hugs your way!! 😀


    • Thank you Bulldog!! I do so appreciate your vote of confidence in this new endeavor! I hope you had a good visit over there and saw the many amazingly talented writers offerings….Hugs and Blessings sweet friend ~


  3. Woot, Woot!
    That calls for a poetic celebration!
    Roses are red
    Poems are read
    Yay roses & poems

    Ok – I admit – that was lame. But – YAY!
    Double {HUGS} {HUGS} for the double honor 🙂


    • Thank you so so very way much Rosy!! I *LOVE* your happy cheer and your poem as well!!! You couldn’t be lame if you tried haha!! 😉 Even more you’re the bestest cheerleader ever!!! Double {❤HUGS❤} {❤HUGS❤} right backatcha!!! 😀


  4. Two sites is A TON of work! I know you’ll do just fine juggling! Good luck and thanks for visiting my blog!


    • Thank you so very much Celestine!! You do humble me with your thoughts and of course give me a *huge* smile! Thank you sweet friend!! Hugs & Blessings ~


  5. How fortunate for us that we will be graced with your beauty and heavenly words on two sites. I knew this would be the result after posting such a heart-rending poem.


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