Intoxicating Indulgence…


Intoxicating Indulgence


(I dream of you….)

An unfathomable force drawing me insistently to you….


My dreams sustain me until you can…

Tumultuous torrent of wonderment coalescing begging indulgence…

Your addicting gaze….

Provocative exhilaration igniting me…

Decadent desires unknown ache to be known…

Each day pulling us closer…

Such is your effect on me….

Your love fills me…

Peaceful waves of serenity caress me…

Perfection of paramount proportions…


Unceasing extravagant enchantment…

You have imprinted on me….

(I am forever changed…)

I am yours…you are mine…

Only one thing remains….

Intoxicating Indulgence….


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Copyright © Christina Brownlee 2013

44 thoughts on “Intoxicating Indulgence…

  1. Each time you reward your followers with your latest poem I’m sure I’ve read the best, until the next piece. So now I must say again, this is the best I’ve read. Your talent is amazing! xx


    • Your praise and encouragement fuel me to always strive to try my very best! Thank you for always believing…and for of course…being you! You’re the bestest!! ♥♥♥ ~


  2. What Penny said, the rhythm of the words has me in mind of the powerful undulations of the heart, perhaps it also has me in mind of a water bed although I have yet to sample that delight. I know I haven’t lived.

    I love your use of provocative words, ignite is a great one conjuring raging conflagrations and passions and such like. Once again I find myself whole heartedly understanding this wonderful work. Resonation is not a strong enough word in this case.

    Once again you show the variety of your language, tone and pacing. How I envy the people who have yet to read this for the first time. xxxx


    • Ah…you always say the very bestest words…I may borrow them from time to time hehe! Seriously though…thank you so much for your most generous praise and divine complements…I am quite without words to thank you as adequately as I would wish to… xxxx


      • Well free stuff always helps hehe. Seriously though you are quite the talent and your next one is just keeps pushing your awesomeness higher.


  3. That is a magnificent piece. You are gone for two months and you come back with this masterpiece. The way you use words that most of us would never dream of using in our entire lives.

    Tumultuous torrent of wonderment coalescing begging indulgence is one of the best lines I have ever read in a piece of poetry. Full of large words but so easy to read, they just flow rhythmically.

    “Fantastic” says it all and yet does not say enough. You show why I class you amongst one of the best poets I have written.

    Thank you for sharing this with us my friend.


    • Oh! Alastair…you give me happy tears dear friend!! Your words of praise are always so very generous and mean more to me than I can say! I believe it is with so much wondrous encouragement than I am able to continue to push myself to keep writing more….to try to put words to elusive emotions…

      Thank you isn’t enough… to express my gratitude!! 🙂 Hugs!! ~


      • If my words of praise give you encouragement, then let me say that I will always give you praise as your pieces improve with each new poem. You are a wordsmith beyond … well, if you were to write a book with your poems in, I feel it would do rather well. I know the majority of your readers would buy it so as to keep your eternally.


  4. Phew!
    Concupiscence, provocative, decadent!
    Jings, lassie, AnElephant is going for a lie down now!
    Powerfully drawn emotions, superbly sculpted into a masterpiece.


    • Hehe! AnElephantCan make Christina giggle…blush…and then talk about herself in the third person!

      Thank you so much dear friend for your words of praise are such an honor to me…mean more to me than I can say. You’ve given me a huge smile I will wear all week…at the least!! Huge Heffalump Hugs! ~


    • Thank you Rosy!! I do endeavor to put words to emotions….it is quite the challenge at times but comments such as yours…all ways make it so very rewarding! Huge hugs!! ~


  5. Intoxicating Indulgence….
    I truly admire your way of expressing feelings…!!
    I’m overwhelmed by enchantment of your magical words..!!
    You truly are an “Artist” . . .


  6. Words can take us anywhere, such is the beauty of your words Christina 🙂
    You leave a tempting feeling… from one word to next and to the next line – it is like flowing in a river on a wave so smooth.
    Thank you for making us feel so rejuvenated 🙂


    • FreeBird…your praise has left me quite speechless…I am so happy you felt rejuvenated from this…that it could have such an impact. For me it is definitely a most cherished honor! Thank you so so much! 🙂


  7. This one sent shivers down my spine – right the solar plexus! 🙂 Beautiful Christina. I am so happy to see you…and read your most seductive and gorgeous verse once again. Think of you all the time – and hope things are all flowing well in your world. So much love, Robyn


    • Dearest Robyn!!! I am happy to be back and to see your beautiful comment (and new gorgeous Gravatar!) with all your cherished insight and praise! You are beyond awesome and so very encouraging to me…continually! I think of you so very often and my thoughts and love are always there for you beloved friend! ♥♥♥♥ ~


  8. Hi Christina, fabulous poem ,ought to be a love novel ,painting with silky words.Yearning ,missing ,waiting. one minuet feels like ages .Thank you for liking my post ( Memorial day..) My regards.jalal


    • Jalal…thank you so very much…your praise with so many wondrously magical words! Your insight into this one is absolute! Thank you for sharing your awesome and so so cherished thoughts on this piece! 🙂


    • Thank you so very much sweetest friend!! You’re awesome and I am always so appreciative of your encouragement and praise!! Hugs! ~


  9. I agree with Penny, your gift for the written word seems to have no bounds. I am not certain why I did not receive this post with all my other emails. Sorry it has taken a bit to respond.


    • LuAnn…thank you so much!! Oh please sweet friend, no worries…I have been most remiss in my visits and I shall be by soonest! Your encouragement is such a sweet blessing to me…as are you! I hope you are well!! Hugs ~


  10. Not a wordsmith nor a poet, so I won’t try in response. Let it suffice that to be the intended, the object of your desire, would overwhelm the senses.


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