Luminous Knight…


Luminous Knight


Decadent daze…

A Soul’s dream

Intrinsically unique…

Unceasing in your power…

Curiously wondrous…

I marvel at you…

Reflections of constellations in your eyes…

Mirrored images of desire…


Take my hand Love…Hold me close…

Dance me to the edge of this dream and back again…

Your name on my lips as you intoxicate me…

Remembrance resonates…


Fascination lights our way from the beginning of this…To the end…


Enrapt in euphoria’s exquisite essence…

Blissful oblivion…

We shall surf the stars…

Rendezvous with celestial captivation…

Sweet surrender to forever…Held in moments of perfection…

Your heart to mine…Mine to yours….

Unceasing brilliance binding me inexorably to you…

Exhilaration permeates as delight evokes devotion to Souls’ completion…

Luminous Knight…


christina signature b&w


Copyright © Christina Brownlee 2013

29 thoughts on “Luminous Knight…

  1. Another blinding piece perfection.

    Your poetry never ceases to amaze me. How you capture the readers attention and take them into your mind to see through your eyes. The beauty of your words charms the reader.

    Brilliant doesn’t come close to define this poem.

    Well done Christina, my friend. You go from strength to strength.


    • You are always so generous with your praise sweet friend…thank you so very very much for your beautiful comment and for always beng such a wonderful encouragement to me!!! You are so appreciated!!! Hugs ~


      • If encouraging you brings out more and more of these superb pieces, then I will always gladly do so. Another piece of excellence


    • Thank you Rosy!! You’re the bestest and I love that this made your heart dance….you are so sweet!! I am sorry being so late to reply to this and in my visits…I shall remedy both soonest! Hugs!! ~


      • You’re welcome. No worries Christina. I’ll “see” you as you have time & get a chance to blog. In the meantime – keep livin’ it up!
        *Hugging* you back 😉


  2. This has changed a fair amount and for the better too and I wasn’t expecting that to be possible. I like your changing over of the fifth and six lines, it gives it a whole new feel. Love the powerful change to the second last line too, ‘Unceasing brilliance beckoning me Souls completion’ was good but you have outdone yourself with the finished post.

    It was worth the wait, for the added picture, you know me, eager for you to share your work but the feel of your words is enhanced by the ambient nature exuding through the pores of your words.

    Yet again you raise your already high bar of standards. What more to say than I truly love this. xxx


    • Ah, Ste J….your thoughts and your words always encourage and inspire me to reach further and write better…that you love this means more than the whole wide world to me! Thank you more than so very much for your amazingly generous praise! xxx


  3. Stunning work by dear beloved friend. You capture the full essence of what it means to be in the blissful state of enrapture. I love the magic you have infused in this with such amazing imagery. “We shall surf the stars…
    Rendezvous with celestial captivation…
    Sweet surrender to forever…Held in moments of perfection…”

    I’m one big over here — you got me !!! 🙂 Love to you brilliant lady!! x RL


    • Robyn, thank you so so very much beloved friend!! I am so happy you loved this and your words are so amazing…magical…you always encourage me so much!!

      I do need to apologize for being so very ashamedly late in responding and in visiting…been a crazy busy few months, but you are always on my mind, in my thoughts and prayers! Sending all my love and healing hugs to you ♥♥♥♥ !!!!


    • High most appreciated priase from my mentor, my closest friend, and my mother….you are so very cherished!! Love you!! ♥♥♥!!


    • Benjamin…I am so happy you loved this!! That it could speak to you inexpressibly…I am honored dear friend beyond words!

      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and please accept my apologies for being so late in replying and so remiss in my visits to your place. I shall rectify this soonest! Blessings ~


  4. AnElephantCant quite believe
    Lovely Christina’s delightful caprices
    She sits in silence
    Then with no need of guidance
    She emerges to create more masterpieces


    • AnElephant always says the bestest words to make me feel so very happy! I am so honored for your high praise and for you sweet friend!!

      I am sorry for taking forever and three days to reply to this and to visit…I shall see you at yours soonest! Huge Hugs! ~


    • Wendell, I am so very happy and honored that my words could lift your day! I am so late in passing on my gratitude for your wonderfully awesome comment. You always leave me smiling when you visit…thank *you* sweet friend! Blessings ~


    • Kazi….you’ve left me speechless. Seriously speechless…suddenly the words ‘thank you’ seem unable to express my appreciation for your very high praise. Please know your comment has left me feeling so very honored and smiling! 🙂


  5. reading a poem like this might turn me into a Romeo someday. I’m feeling little bit romantic after reading this, guess I’ll pick up bucket of KFC for the family tonight.


    • Chris!!!! I’ve missed you….even though I’ve been absent myself for a few months…but I am back and ready to help you on the road to Romeo-esqueness…haha! KFC…I laughed so hard…oh yes…I have missed you!!! 😀


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