The Answer To The Great Question…

The Answer to the Great Question…”
“Of Life, the Universe and Everything…” said Deep Thought.
“Is…” said Deep Thought, and paused.
“Forty-two,” said Deep Thought, with infinite majesty and calm.”
―    Douglas Adams,    The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy


And so it is…on January 17th I’ll be “Forty-two”, so I guess I am the answer to the great question. 😀  A dear friend pointed this out to me…I hadn’t thought about it much…I usually don’t because myself, my eldest, and youngest daughters all have birthdays in January…11 days apart. I decided this year I would give a shout out for me…and make a few changes on my blog. Yes….I know what you’re thinking….my life really is that exciting!! 😉

I would like to thank everyone who has visited, liked, commented, and followed me along this journey adding so much richness, love, and encouragement to my life…each of you light up my world and keep the darkness at bay.

Thank you cherished friends…more than words will allow me to express.


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52 thoughts on “The Answer To The Great Question…

  1. Many happy regenerations Christina… I hope you have a fantastic day…

    BTW… I still like it when Deep Thought announced the name of the super-computer that was to calculate the meaning of the answer to Life, The Universe and Everything…. again, with great majesty… “The Earth!” and then someone says… “oh… what a dull name…”


  2. How lovely this was to read ~ YES ~ I am wishing you the most glorious birthday ever… you are gorgeous and young ~ and I want you to celebrate the love that you are… I think you are still a Capricorn ~ (like me!!) so another bond to share. This year is going to be exciting and wonderful for you — just know it my beloved friend. Hugs and Lots of LOVE ~ Robyn


    • Robyn, thank you so so much!! You’re so sweet beloved friend 😀 I will do my bestest to celebrate as requested! Yay Capricorns! 😉 I hope so…am certainly ready for excitement and wonderful! Hugs and so so much Love ♥♥♥♥!!


  3. Happy birthday for the 17th Christina (hopefully I’ll remember on the day to say it again). Three birthdays within eleven days!! That’s crazy … must also be expensive. Especially so close to Christmas as well.

    I would like to thank YOU for blogging. If you hadn’t started, the world would have missed a huge talent. And you inspired me to start poetry.


    • Yes, we are “The January Girls” lol I’m so thrilled you started writing….and I look forward to seeing more! 🙂 Thank you so much for your birthday wishes sweet friend! Hugs ~


      • Haha .. like that.

        I’m glad that you did. You are an amazing poet as you proved with your latest quadrilogy. “Spitting” them out so fast and all so very good and clear, making the reader see what you see. You truly have a talent my friend


  4. I missed it but in the words of that mad milliner, a very merry unbirthday to you (to you). I am looking forward to a full year of your blog this time, Big grin!


  5. Since I am just getting caught up on my emails, it seems I am a day late on wishing you happy birthday. Although this is belated Christina, please know that it is heart-felt and I pray that you will have a year that is grander than your finest dreams. 🙂


  6. I’m so sorry I mssed your birthday Christina 😦

    I hope you had a brilliant day, and that you have a fantastic, happy , loving year, because if any one deserves it , you do!

    Happy Happy Happy Birthday, and again sorry for being so late.
    with all my love and best wishes for a great year
    love n hugs


    • Oh no worries sweet friend!! Thank you so much…I have a feeling this year is going to be good! 😀 Thank you for the birthday wishes…you are most appreciated!! Love & Hugs xxxx


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