Decadence In The Dark…


Twilight Moon


I feel your gaze…a soft caress…
I see you between the pale light of the rising moon and deep shadows…
There and not there..
Come find me…
Dance this subtly surreal dance with me…
Decadence in the dark…
Let us stay in the hidden peripheral..
I, in the trance of twilight’s tempestuous temptation…
You, on the edge of everything and nothing…
There… not there…
Come find me…
Take my hand…
Rescue me…


christina signature b&w~*~

Copyright © Christina Brownlee 2013

25 thoughts on “Decadence In The Dark…

  1. Such a wonderful and sad poem. I do hope that they come for you, that they take your hand and lead you out of the dark. I always marvel at how well you put these together.

    Another brilliant poem Christina. Thank you for sharing this with us.


      • Thank you, and you’re welcome. Nice to know I can keep someone smiling 🙂 Makes my day. You don’t need any encouragement, you are already exceedingly good.


  2. Love this. I can read the future in between your lines. The seductive playful quality as you gently entice the unknown mysterious future waiting just on the peripheral of reality. Just excellent and filled with the fantasy of romance and adventure. Wonderful! 🙂


    • WOA…that one was pretty intense, I think my blood pressure went up by few notches reading through this. Without naming names, this damsel in distress need to be rescued ASAP and be doing some Pasodoble before the night is over!!!
      Come on mom, gotta find a dance partner for this girl already 🙂


    • Thank you so much, that’s exactly what this was meant to be….have to admit…was a lot of fun to create, and again I feel obligated and honor bound to acknowledge Eris for that amazing Poem in the comments of Edge of Peripheral….mutual inspiration! 😀


  3. AnElephantCant always get it together
    To comment on the lovely one’s verse
    He is once more amazed
    At the elegance and grace
    She displays in her rich haunting words


  4. Simply breathtaking Christina, i hope your hand is taken and that you are rescued soon
    Thank you for posting this 🙂
    Love n hugs xxx


    • Thank you so much Nick!! 🙂 This was just a fun little journey into fiction…I discovered through this adventure how much I love putting words together and these words were inspired by another’s words…yes I think I’ve definitely found something that brings me great joy. 🙂 Love and Hugs ~xxxx


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