October Rose…



She sat staring remembering the beginning…
When the darkness enveloped her…
the darkness that permeated her everything…

Every moment…began to get brighter…
Slow and steady the light shone through…
Fought its way to her…

She tried to hide from it

complacent in the comfort in the deep black of her memory…
The light…

Finding its way through…started to brighten her world…

It was foreign to her…
She had forgotten what it felt like…

Warmth on her face…

surrounding her in its embrace…in its beauty…
One ray of light…then another…
Another and another…

Soon she could see again…
She saw smiles…
She felt the warmth of friendship…
She was inundated by the light…
She welcomed it finding new comfort here in its golden hues…
She sat staring…remembering when it dawned on her…
She knew…
It was the October Rose…



Copyright © Christina Brownlee 2012

26 thoughts on “October Rose…

  1. What an absolutely exquisite piece!!! The rose allowing people to help her to back, to help her realise that there is something out there … Your poem says that it doesn’t matter how dark life is, as long as there are friends, you are okay.

    Your skill with poetry has not diminished at all. If anything, it has improved a thousand percent. Thanks for sharing this piece Christina


      • You’re welcome. I give you high praise because this piece deserves it. The reader can see clearly through the rose’s eyes because of your penwomanship 🙂


  2. AnElephantCant contain his delight
    Christina is writing again
    This inspirational poem
    An elegant omen
    She grows strong in the love of her friends

    And her family, of course.


    • AnElephant continues in his steadfastness of sweet kindness…and praise which just makes me smile and smile again….thank you so very much dear friend…I appreciate you! Hugs ~


  3. Beautiful Christina. So nice to see you writing again and to know that with your family and friends, you can walk out of the darkness and into the light again. Many years ago I lost a husband to death, although ours was not the beautiful love story that yours was. Everyone grieves and heals in their own time and their own way. Welcome back. 🙂


    • LuAnn, thank you so much for your sweet praise…thank you…it feels good to write again. 🙂 I am very sorry for your loss….it is always difficult to lose someone you care about…or love. I agree with you…everyone heals in their own time and in their own way…grief is like a fingerprint…different for everyone. It’s a wonderful beautiful feeling to come back to the warmth and loving kindess of friends like you! 🙂 Hugs ~


  4. I love this one. And how it all leads to the finale (symbolic – the October rose sees beauty and truth and is happiest with family and friends). Yes Love this one! 🙂


  5. So beautiful Christina ~ to come out of the darkness and find light and feel comfort, with the help of others – and The October Rose ~ So much hope here. I am thrilled to see your wonderful work surface here again … hoping you are well and good things are happening for you dearest beloved friend ~ keep feeling the warmth and looking for the light ~ me too! Love to you sweet friend ~ R


    • Oh Robyn!! I have missed you beloved friend!! WOW…love love LOVE the new gravatar!! 😀 Your insight never fails…and I’ll tell you what….let’s meet in the warmth of the light…we can stay there and bask in its golden hues together! 🙂 I am smiling tonight…with the love and warmth of my incredibly amazing friends here…that makes it all good. I keep you in my thoughts and prayers always dearest soul sister!! Sending so so much love ♥♥♥♥ !!!


  6. Hi Christina, great to see you back writing again 🙂
    I love the picture of the blue rose and monochrome background, perfect for this piece.

    A story of the last few years in your life, it says everything about your strength and positivity.
    It also tells us that friends and the support they offer are so important.
    It brilliant to see you blossoming, opening up and coming back to the world again 🙂 , through the clouds of darkness that have invaded you world, and out in to the bright light again.
    It is so very easy to let that darkness take over your life, sink into it’s inky black well od despair, but you have managed to conquer that darkness, and replace it with light and hope and love… I know how difficult that can be.

    I hope that life is treating you well, it’s great to see you back writing.
    You have been missed!!!
    take care my dear friend
    love n hugs to you Christina


    • Thank you so very much Nick 😀 Your sweet kindness, praise, and loving concern mean the whole wide world to me! Yes…as a good friend said to me recently… people need people…and you are a ray of light in my life!

      It feels good to be back…and feeling more grounded…definintely healing a little more each day…I have missed you also sweet friend! I hope you and your family are well! Sending love and hugs to you xxxx ~


      • Thats really nice thing to say Christina thank you ( blush blush)
        My Mum used to say that sometimes which used to bring a smile to my face, because I used to work very hard at being up and positive when I used to see her, sometimes I couldn’t manage and I was a miserable so and so 🙂
        I’m glad you are healing, You’ve been through such a lot, I really admire your positive outlook ( I’ve found out where that comes from now 🙂 ) , I don’t know if I could have coped as well as you have.
        I still find it difficult sometimes now.

        Hope you are having a great Thanksgiving day, full of family fun, presents, and more importantly.. TURKEY!!
        Possibly the tastiest bird around 🙂
        We only get them here at Christmans and Easter in any volume, otherwise they are ridiculously expensive 😦
        Sending love and hugs and best thanksgiving day wishes to you and all your family Christina


        • Thank you so much for your well wishes, hugs, and love!!! Had a great weekend, yummy turkey and my mom and kids…it was quiet and lovely! Yes, I have an amazing example for keeping positive! 😀 Hope you and your family are well…hugs and love xxxx


  7. I got shivers reading this piece. I think it stirred up some really old memories locked away inside. There… Isn’t much that will do that to me anymore, so I needed to say something. Thank you- I’m not sure what else to say otherwise, except that it’s beautiful.


    PS: Permeated is a wonderful word.


    • Eris, thank you so much for for your kind praise 🙂 I am hopeful this piece had a positive reaction…versus negative. I have an admited love affair with words…actually it’s more of a love/hate relationship…depending on whether I can find the words I want or not lol 😉 That being said thank you…permeated is one of many I really enjoy!


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