And now for something a little different…..

As some of you may or may not know….I am a geek. Purebred and proud of it. I love video games, everything sci-fi, and some other pretty random stuff for a “girl”. This has sparked many fun and interesting conversations with a few fellow bloggers. There is one I shall focus on today though as he is the source of so much laughter and fun I have to share.

I know my blog is usually pretty serious (aside from some awards posts) so I would now like to “come out of the geek closet” and share the quirkier side of me. If you know me in real life or have talked to me at all really in the blogoverse then you know that I am often very silly and love love love to laugh.

Hence my blog attraction to Chris9911. He’s hysterical. He cracks me up. Before you go and get all weird on me, knowing my story and all, he is happily married…for the record! 😀

That being said there was a recent…um….comment conversation we had about the movie Caddyshack which spawned a post of his here: .  It’s a hysterical post about men….and I was in stitches reading it!! Especially since I feel partially guilty for helping him with his rash decision to buy the microscope.

So, Chris….the video below is for you and any avid gamer who has waited ever so anticipatiously for a game to come out….and then it does and you have it in your hand as you suspensefully open it ready for all the adventure it will bring….and I have to admit I did think of you, Chris, finally getting Caddyshack…LOL :p

Thank you to my eldest daughter, Jordan, and her boyfriend Max for this laugh today….I LOVE it!!

41 thoughts on “And now for something a little different…..

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    For all of you who know my daughters story and journey of moving forward in her life. This is for you. Her daughter Jordan (in fact the whole family are “gamers” so this blog that Christina posted today is fun and funny) and delightful for me to see and here the laughter in the household, enjoy this bit of fun my friends ~


  2. LOL at this one. Thanks a bunch for such a pleasant description of me 🙂 I was wondering how we manage to get along so well, I guess this blog explains it now 🙂
    The caddyshack conversation had to be the funniest conversation I’ve ever had in the blogging world. I’m still laughing about the outcome and your timely
    Strangely, my boys are going around telling everybody, how they want to become a doctor and a scientist. How bout that? lol
    Lastly, how did you manage to steal my private video collection of myself when I was in college? hmmm..


    • haha I’m so glad you liked it!! 😀 I totally thought of you and our video game conversations!! Your most welcome sweet friend, it’s true…you are hysterical and you do crack me up…always!! 😀

      I have to agree about that conversation being the funniest ever!! LOL 🙂 Huh…wonder why your boys would say such interesting things? (insert sarcasm here) lol :p

      ROFL Oh man….your private video collection!!! I KNEW it reminded me of you for a reason lol!! 😉


      • A mutual hysterical crackup has such good value to it, doesn’t it? kinda like two birds one stone thingie…lol.
        why my kids would say such interesting thing? hmmm, not sure, but I know there was a show called “Kid’s say the darnest things” on TV once…lol.
        Yep, you definitely exposed me with that yourtube


              • Here is something fun and crazy with this off brand topic 🙂 Lets close our eyes for a moment and imagine a “walk-off”, you and I. You go as your avatar self, and I go as myself. I bet you a bullion that you will pass as a designer clothing wearing model. While I gotta deal with a hecklar thats yelling out, “Hey, I got the same shirt that I bought from Amazon for 83% off!”


                • Oh!! you have no idea how much I laughed at this just now!!! LOL!!! A “walk-off” oh yes it’s on!!! haha you know….”it’s hard to be really really really ridiculously good looking”(insert model face pose)…now all we need are “orange mocha frappachinos!!” LOL!! And I doubt you’d have hecklars….you’d probably pull out some rad moves that would out do me…even in your sales priced amazon shirt :p !!


  3. LOL That’s pretty funny 🙂 I’m glad to see a funny post and I *love* the dramatic music!! I’m pretty sure I’ve opened DVD’s and Blu-ray’s this way… I will admit to waiting very impatiently for my Star Wars Blu Rays to arrive from Amazon and frantically opening them in much the same manner… 😀


  4. That is funny as 😀 Being a gamer myself, I know the excitement of opening games and wanting what’s inside. Which is what makes this so very funny. Thank you for an early morning laugh Christina 🙂


    • Oh Alastair, I’m so glad you enjoyed this!! And that you got a good laugh to start the day with! I know I laugh, even though I’ve seen it a few times. Max is definitely a hoot! 😀


  5. Fun- fun -fun dearest Christina — so happy to see your silly side — Jordan’s bf is a cutie and made this video so suspenseful with his animated facial expressions — and the music — perfect – will have to go check out the post by Crhis911 ~ keep smiling — Love and Hugs ~ Robyn


    • Oh Robyn, thank you!! This was so so very fun! He is a cutie, and quite the quirky comedian….so he’s always welcome here haha :p You will love Christ9911 he’s a hoot!! 😀 !! Hope you keep smiling too beloved friend ♥♥♥♥ !!!


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