One step…

One word…

One inspiration…

One blog…

One quote…

One poem….

One post….

One compliment…

One encouragement…

One more step…

One more realization…

One more action….

Bringing me closer…

One more piece…

One hope…

An entire dream being built …

By adding one…

Copyright © 2012 Christina Brownlee

52 thoughts on “One…

  1. That’s fantastic.

    It’s true as well. Adding one word can make a huge difference.

    “See you” [Good bye]
    “I see you” [There you are]

    “We won gold” [Just letting you know]
    “Look, we won gold” [You cannot believe how excited I am about it]

    “There’s a storm coming” [Think we have a thunderstorm]
    “There’s a bad storm coming” [Get to cover, this is going to be destructive]

    This one, I think, Just adding the word “I” makes a huge, huge difference.

    “Love you” [Bye. Thanks. You’re okay]
    “I love you” [You are my life, my everything]

    I don’t know how you think of these poems, but they are fantastic.


    • Mondrak, I so appreciate your sharing your sweet thoughts! Yes, words are so underestiamted in their power….and that one word can change so much. I think if more people realized that maybe life all over the world would be a bit brighter!

      As far as how I think of them…I don’t honestly know. Sometimes it’s something I’ve read that sparks a thought that grows into a stream of words that I just feel absolutely “driven” to put down on paper (or screen). Where ever the inspiration comes from, I just can’t contain it….it “has” to come out….and 99% of the time I don’t even edit (except for spelling — am a tad bit OCD about spelling, always have been). Just put it out there.

      I always thought the PERFECT job for me would be editing…I always find mistakes in books, articles, etc. Would be nice to do that from home and get paid for my natural need to spell correctly LOL! So anyone out there who knows how to hook me up with a job so I can stay home with my precious kids…let me know 😀 !! Hugs sweet friend ~ xoxo


      • You definitely have a talent.
        Have you thought of copyrighting your page, putting your poems altogether and maybe writing a book? I think it would do well (You would be editing as well hehe)


        • I seriously have to figure out how to manage comments better! I didn’t see this one earlier :/

          Thank you so much for your incredible praise…I’m just speechless. I wish I could find the right words to tell you how appreciative I am for not only your kind words but also for you!!

          You think I should copyright the page? I noticed you have…maybe you could share how you did that? 🙂

          Oh!!!! A book….me….publish a book….of my poems. I’m speechless!! You are so very very incredibly sweet to suggest that. I’m so very honored you would think my poems…my writing are worthy of a book!!

          I have discovered I love love love to write…maybe the right pieces will come together…what a wonderful thought to add to this new dream of mine…a book. Yes…definitely adding that to my dream!

          Thank you sweet dear friend!!! Huge Hugs!!! 😀 (you made my whole day…and night! — editing as well lol! 😉 )


          • For the copyright, do what I did. The copyright at the bottom of my page was taken from a template.

            © Christina and Christina~, 2012. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Christina and Christina~ with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. Other material used on this page is done so with permission of original owner and remains property of original owner.

            Don’t know if you wanted to put your full name, I didn’t because I didn’t know if you wanted it used and won’t without your permission. Add it as a widget from the dashboard.

            Also, at the end of each poem, hold down the [ALT] key and type 0169 on the numeric keypad for PC or [OPTION] + G on a mac and you will get the © symbol 🙂


    • Speechless, and in love with that acronym…will never look at the word “one” the same again….so beautiful, thank you sweet friend for once again making me not only think, but smile — as you always do. Hugs and Blessings ~


    • Boomie, thank you so very much. I so absolutely LOVE your poetry! I am more than very appreciative of your not only reading, but sharing your thoughts….and for reading all that is unspoken inbetween the lines and words. Thank you….sincerely!! Hugs ~


  2. Now your taking my breath away!!
    Great stuff, your are really coming Into your own, I love it.


    • Oh!! Peter! What a marvelously fantastic compliment! Thank you so very much for your amazing encouragement and sweet praise, I do so appreciate you!! Hugs and many many blessings ~


  3. You just get better and better Christina!
    It so nice to see you coming back in to the light,and seeing the real you shine out.
    Great poem Christina, thank you 🙂
    love n hugs


    • Aww thank you Nick, you are just so sweet!!! It is a beautiful feeling to journey back to the light! I so appreciate your sweet kindness and encouragement!! Your kind praise means so so very much to me!

      Have some “stuff” I’m still working through (anger) BUT….I would so much rather enjoy all the joy and love being sent my way from all corners of the earth and just bask in it for as long as I can.

      I was told the the process of dealing with not only grief, but also all the inscidious intentional…um… “garbage” would take time and one cannot go around it…one has to go through it. I only say all this to share that it (the angry stuff) might come out now and again. I’ll pre-apologize for that now 🙂
      Love and Hugs sweet friend!! xxxx


      • Hi Christina,
        Thank you for you kind reply, I’m very touched.
        You don’t need to apologise for anything you write.
        It’s only natural that you should have feelings of anger, after all you’ve been through.
        This blog is your blog, an extension of you, your release, your journey through life, it’s ups and downs, your diary almost.
        It’s almost impossible to up all the time, you are going to get angry, you are going to get sad, you going to be happy, this blog will reflect that, and I for one am looking forward to seeing a lot more of the happy that you and Penny talk about.
        You’ve been through a lot Christina, and I admire you for your courage and strength of will, because if I was in your shoes, I’m not sure I could have been so strong.
        I am honoured to be your friend 🙂
        keep safe, keep well and keep being you.
        love n hugs to you too Christina


        • You are so very sweet and understanding! Thank you for reminding me it’s okay to bounce between emotions…you’re absolutely right…it is natural and bound to happen on this particularly difficult journey!

          I do do appreciate you sweet friend! This whole blogging adventure is such a tremendous blessing as I discover my new path. With new and incredible friends gained along the way. Thank you for coming along side me on this path…and for being such a cherished friend!
          Hugs, love, and blessings! xxxx


          • It’s genuinely my pleasure Christina, thank you for your friendship too , and for allowing me to walk the path with you 🙂
            It is like watching the dawn come,the curtains of sadness are slowly parting, and the real you is starting to shine through.
            You have been through a lot, but instead of letting it break you, it has made you stronger, and helped you discover things that maybe you didn’t know you could do.
            Take care my friend
            love n hugs


            • I really love that…the curtains of sadness slowly parting…thank you again for your wonderful encouraging words. You just always make me smile and feel really really good about this new path I’m walking. It is a wonderous feeling to actually feel happy and excited again! I do so appreciate you sweet friend!!
              Take care of you!
              Love and Hugs xxxx !!!!!


    • Thank you Meryl!! I so appreciate your ever so sweet thoughts and much appreciated praise….you are wonderfully sweet friend! Hugs and Blessings!! ~


    • OH!! LuAnn…what a fantastically amazingly awesome compliment….I’m speechless and so very honored you would think my writing worthy of a book. I am just…wow…thank you so very very VERY much!! Hugs sweet friend!!


    • Rosy….thank you so so VERY much! I’m just so very overwhlemed with so many wonderful amazingly awesome comments….yours…icing on the proverbial cake. Hugs and Blessings sweet friend!! ~


    • Thank you, a hundred thousand times…thank you from the bottom of my heart and all the way around again…thank you! ♥♥♥♥!!!

      P.S. I’m enormously proud of you too!! 😀


  4. I Loved this Christina!! It is so very true and speaks volumes. I am just so in awe of the beauty that flows from your pen (keyboard) ~ there is so much love and spirit inside of you…I can feel it across the states!! Yes – you are, piece by piece, – ‘one’ step at a time, building that one magnificent dream, and when it is realized ~ manifested before you ~ it will be as glorious as you can envision it to be this moment…. Much Love and huge Hugs ! Robyn


    • I’m so frustrated…I typed out a long (probably too long lol) reply and it vanished 😦

      Mostly just wanted to thank you for being such an amazing encouragement, for your incredibly loving sweet words of praise!! I so appreciate your light and love…can feel it come straight from you all the way over her to me!! Encouraging me onward…to push further, dream bigger!!

      Hope is an amazing thing and I’m honestly sitting here in so much awe at the hope filling up inside of me thanks to you and so many special friends here!!

      For the first time my dream is growing, shaping….it is unknown to me now…but each step, each word, each action brings it into clearer relief. Like I can almost see it but….not yet. Your precious words do help me to believe that one day that dream will be fufilled and it will be magnificent!!

      Thank you so much dearest friend, Sending so very much love ♥♥♥♥!!!


    • Yes, exactly!!!! If life is lived by a series of moments…then it is “one” thing added to the next. Thank you for stopping by and for sharing your thoughts 🙂


  5. and who is the idiot that said, one is a lonely number?…lol. You put pizazz in ‘one’ 🙂 oh and that new avatar picture of you is pretty stylish, too 🙂


    • LOL I know right?!?! Thank you so much….I’ve not been so fortunate as to have anyone ever say I’ve added pizazz to something….a most appreciated first!!! 😀 And thank you again….for saying I’m stylish :p (you’re so sweet!!)


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