Colloquy with Christina 〜

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This is not a typical style of post for me, but hey…we all have to mix things up every now and then right?! I would never wish to become predictable.  I am writing this to share some exciting news! First, will be a gradual changing of my last name.  I have given this much thought… the tipping point for me was that after much needed and cherished encouragement, I am indeed beginning to compile my poems for a book.

writing quill and notebookThat alone is a rather frightening endeavor for me….frightening and exquisitely exhilarating at the same time! You each have been so very amazing and supportive… I wish to thank you all ever so much for continuing to read, like, comment, follow….this journey. So…while the title for said book is up for debate in my mind…my name is not.

I have considered how you all know me first and foremost as “Christina ~” and secondly…”Christina Brownlee”. For reasons too numerous to explain, I have decided to take back my maiden name for this literary journey I’m embarking on.

Going forward I will be…on this blog then expanding to all the various social media sites, and most especially for any future book(s)…known as…Christina M. Gregory 〜  

It is my most fervent desire, even if my book only sees two sales…it will be with the name my mother gave me, one that includes my brother…his wife and family, and my father…the family who was there in all ways during my darkest hours…it is their name I wish to represent. Besides, I lived with that name for over half my life and I am rather fond of it!

Now that I’ve shared my exciting news re: a poetry anthology with you,  I will also share that I am full of ideas simmering for other projects…some I won’t mention (yet) because I do love to be enigmatic.vintage book flowers

I have another reason for sharing with you all and that my friends is *Accountability*. I know the moment I post this…I am now accountable to see this through. I will not be able to ‘conveniently’ forget, get overwhelmed, too nervous, etc.〜 Though, I do beg for your patience as being a single mom raising 3 kids while running a household does put tremendous demands on my ability to have much free time.

I will share a small hint because I adore you all…I chose this particular title for a reason…the hint? I will use this title for further updates, musings (maybe), and…well….perhaps a few surprises along the way…

Again, I wish to thank each of you for your cherished support and encouragement over these past two years. You are priceless!


Christina M. Gregory ~

΅〜 ೋღ ღೋ     〜΅


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