ೋღ ♥ ღೋ


ೋღ ♥ ღೋ

I never thought it could be like this…

I never thought you could imprint so strongly and firmly fixed to me…in me… that I find it hard to think of anything…now that you’re gone…

I’ll always remember how you came to me…how you wove into each facet of my life…with so much happiness and joy…I smile just thinking of yours…

Your laugh…your embrace…the taste of your kiss…memories so vivid and strong they follow me to sleep… where dreams and impossibilities rule…where time and distance do not exist except as a construct to recreate each perfect moment we shared…

Apropos… for you are my dream…a dream I could touch…could revel in for but a brief time before I had to let you go…

With promises…love and a kiss…you were gone…leaving a hole inside me where you dwelt completely…too briefly…

I shall fill myself with each memory…reliving them to cement them inside my heart…my very soul…


You return to me and once again dance me to the stars…

Once again ignite every wondrous and magical feeling…

Once again tell me I am yours…as you are mine…

ೋღ ♥ ღೋ

       ~ * ~

             Christina ~

20 thoughts on “Imprint…

  1. You do come out with the powerful works, keeping us off balance after a few playful posts you come right back at us with your trade mark passion and and strong, clear, passionate wordage.

    The ‘until…’ is my favourite bit, the intermission of the piece, the calm before the storm or the pause at the top of the roller coaster before the next collision of your star crossed protagonists.

    The way you convey a thought, a myriad of emotions and ideas is just fantastic and it’s great to see that feeling of the tangible dream world again in your words, it is a placed you convey and transport us to so well. xxxx


    • I am exceedingly well pleased you enjoyed this one….I love your insight on this piece…equating the pause/intermission with the top of a roller coaster…thank you so very much!!

      I do love my dream world…it is the highest honor for me to be able to bring you all along as well!! xxxx ~


  2. Beautifully emotional. Love the end that’s really not and end – but – a new beginning.
    Love & Hugs & many blessings to you always…


    • Thank you so much Rosy!!! 😀 New beginnings indeed…each day is a new chance for a new beginning. Sending you huge huge hugs and tons o love as well!!!


  3. What an absolutely beautiful piece, Christina. The feelings of loss, and a chance .. a hope .. of being together again.

    You excel yourself again. Well done


  4. AnElephantCant find the words
    To exalt what lovely Christina has written
    But one thing is clear
    It gives him great cheer
    His beautiful friend is utterly smitten



    • AnElephant is magnitastic in his most appreciated praise! Fabulousitacious is one of the greatest words I think I’ve ever seen!! Hugs!! 🙂


  5. Yours was and continues to be, the ultimate love story. It is impossible to understand the tragic loss of someone we hold so dear, at such a young age. Your beautiful memories are being expressed so eloquently through your writing. I hope they bring you the comfort you so richly deserve. Be well Christina.


    • You are such a bright star in my life…I am always so appreciative of you and your encouragement! Writing is my therapy….and the best one for it allowed me to meet amazing friends like you…who are not only friends in my heart….but also family! Huge hugs! xoxo


    • Ralph….did you know every time I see you’ve stopped by I just smile and smile! Most of the time offline life keeps me very busy and I don’t get to respond as often as I would wish. ~ I am very happy you enjoyed this piece! Thank you so so very much for sharing your thoughts sweet friend!! xoxox


      • I was just about to shut down for tonight when up popped your two replies on my Inbox. I can’t shut down without answering them or I won’t sleep thinking about what to say to you Christina. Your reply has really touched me and probably for the first time I have realised what effect such a simple comment or visit has on a fellow blogger and friend such as yourself. Most of my comments I dive in feet first and just say what I have to say. Luckily I always have a positive attitude and try to throw in a sprinkling of fun. It’s the way you smile that hit me. I’ll have to keep commenting then 😀 Have a lovely weekend dear friend. Ralph xox 😀


        • You are just so sweet and quite the gentleman!! It is true how much a comment can touch one….it is the comments and friendships this past year (like yours) that have made such a huge difference in my going forward….embracing life…healing. Thank you so much for responding before you headed off to bed. I hope you sleep well…and have an awesome weekend and…I can guarantee I’ll always smile for you! 😀 xoxo


          • You are wonderful 😀 I must apologise for taking so long to reply as it has taken me hours to set up a slideshow or my renovated apartment as it’s finished. Now I can concentrate on you for a while. Have a lovely weekend and I wish you a fabulous future. Things are on the up for you. 😀 xox


            • No worries… nor need for apologies dear friend!!! Thank you so much for the well wishes both in the present and the future! You are awesome and I shall be by yours soonest!! Hugs!!! xoxo 😀


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