Something Wonderful Is Coming….

Okay, so I stole that line from a movie…if you know which one then I know how old you are! 😀  Seriously, I have been working on something that isn’t quite ready yet…I’m hoping to have it finished and ready to post tomorrow.

I really wanted to thank you all for your love and concern from my mom’s (Penny’s) followers and mine who have gone so far above and beyond in showing love and support that I am so wonderously overwhelmed! I wanted to give back a little something…I know it couldn’t possibly compare to what you’ve given me, but it is a small token to show my extreme gratitude.

It was important for me to throw this little post in here because of the…heaviness of the my last post and the one Penny (mom) wrote. It was a beautiful experience for both of us to get it out (well not all of it, but enough) and in doing so we are able to let it go. THE most important thing now is moving on for each of us and for the children.

Sure, we’ll have our bad days…but I certainly don’t want to LIVE there!!! I know in my heart of hearts that Duane would not want us sad…he would want us to embrace all that life has to offer and enjoy every moment of it! Okay so he’d probably want me to wakeboard too, but that’s on next summer’s list…maybe lol :p

So, please take this sincere graditude and know that you, each of you, have given an incredible gift to each of us.

You are all amazing, keep being unique, keep being you….and we’ll/I’ll keep reading and being inspired by you.

Hugs and Love,

Christina ~

43 thoughts on “Something Wonderful Is Coming….

  1. Dear Christina,

    with this post you are giving as much to us as each of us has given to you – as well as with your last one.

    The beautiful thing about love is, that it opens hearts and then pours back through the opening to open hearts even more.

    Thank you for reaching out with your love!


    • Oh Stefanie, what marvelously amazingly wonderful things to say! I love your words “The beautiful thing about love is, that it opens hearts and then pours back through the opening to open hearts even more.”

      So beautiful and so true! You are so very very sweet to share such kind and thoughtful praise…thank you so so much!!


  2. I find it facinating that accumulation of all the individual little comments can amount to something so grande. Each comment maybe took 2-5minutes per person. At the end of the day, we made a happy clam out of you 🙂


    • It is intriquing Chris!!! Yet so very very true…the accumulation of all these amazing comments (precious minutes) of love and encouragement and genuine care most definitely made me a very very happy clam!! 😀

      Not only are you most observant Zen Master Chris….but you are one of the many who added to the magnificent outpouring of love 😉


      • been called many things in my life(mostly bad), but never been called that one…lol
        I love the result I’m seeing in you, and I can honestly say that was the best 5minute invesment I’ve made 🙂


        • Haha! Sweeeet…then I have a new name for you! 😀 Zen Master :p

          Thank you again sweet friend for your kind thoughts and sweet encouragement…really means so very much to me…really!!

          You said you like to invest in people, not only do you do it so very well…but I honestly believe that is THE best investment in the world with the greatest return! You sir, are most unequivocally a huge blessing to me! Hugs!!


          • Oh my!!! that compliment just diluted all the negative things I have ever heard over my lifetime…lol. Thats some good stuff, hugs back at ya, sista 🙂
            And, yes, people investing has been very rewarding for me 🙂


    • I’m honestly seriously surprised and appreciative at the same time! I don’t feel courageous…it’s just one step, one decision, one word at a time. I am so so very flattered and honored to inspire anyone!

      What an incredibly sweet thing to say…thank you so so very much!! I do appreciate you sweet friend!! Hugs and Blessings!!


  3. Thank you Christina 😉
    You are a brave and courageous lady and whether you think so or not, an inspriation to many.
    To come back from so much sadness and struggle in the way and manner that you have is a great example to everyone.
    keep safe my friend
    love n hugs xxx


    • I’m just so honored and grateful that I could be inspirational to someone…it makes me feel so very good!!!

      Thank you again sweet friend, for your encouragement, love, and ever so sweet praise!! I do so appreciate you!! Keep being you! Hugs and Love! xoxoxo


  4. I love the picture… and I’m sure I know the quote from somewhere… actually, it makes me think of the movie, 2010… hmmm… coincidence? It’s the scene where David Bowman comes back to see his wife, I think, who’s dying in hospital… her name is Betty… and he tells her something is going to happen… something wonderful…

    …Oh my God… if it’s not that… it’s a spooky coincidence… and now I’m reminded of another quote from the beginning of the film… (originally from 2001)

    “My God… it’s full of stars…”

    I hope the picture below appears… if not… click on the link… I took this with the Slooh telescopes…


    • Ok…first…O….M….G!!! You are THE first person to say anything about that! And you NAILED it! That’s exactly what I was talking about…so very way cool! 😀 You have a most excellent memory!!! And even better…you added my other favorite…”My God…it’s full of stars”….with a perfect picture. I have to admit I’m simutaneously freaked out and in awe!! 😀


      • Okay, so here’s what happened… I’m going to tell you this so you don’t think I’m psychic or something…

        I know 2010 didn’t get the kudos that 2001 did… that’s fine and it never set itself the lofty goals that 2001 had. The movie wasn’t a hit, but I’ve always kinda liked it. I remember going to see it in the cinema and being blown away by those scenes where it looked as though you were in orbit around Jupiter.

        The quote has always stayed with me over the years… but it drifted away in my mind and I’d forgotten where I’d heard it from. I always knew “My God, it’s full of stars” came from 2010 because it was used so dramatically to open the movie. (And I was wrong – the line was never said in 2001.)

        So when you said “something wonderful is going to happen” it immediately rang bells… I think I’ve even used it myself in a post… but I couldn’t remember where. I thought it might have been 2010 but I couldn’t be 100% sure and I thought, there’s no way she’d remember an obscure quote from a mid 80’s movie that most movie-goers weren’t interested it.

        So I googled the quote… and sure enough, on the results page, was a link to 2010 on the IMDB.

        By the way, I was wrong about the scene too… hey, it was late, I was emotionally drained and I was physically tired 😛

        After I wrote it, I remembered that Bowman appears to several people, including Heywood Floyd, his wife and his mother and says “something wonderful is going to happen.” He appears to Betty on her TV screen and it’s his mother who’s dying in hospital.

        I know that much from memory… now I’m gonna have to watch the movie again… 🙂


        • Even still…to remember which movie!!! I am impressed…and also feel the need to watch it again! 😀

          I remember the scene where he visits everyone…I honestly was beginning to think no one got the reference or was going to comment on it! I was raised a sci-fi girl and am convinced it’s an integral part of my DNA haha!! Love all things sci-fi…both old and new. Though I am concerned that as a kid I never saw the older Doctor Who episodes. 😦 Want to hear something funny? How I started to watch the Doctor?

          Okay I’m going to tell you anyway :p It was probably about 4 years ago…I was flipping channels and saw the info blurb about Doctor Who…it was Planet of the Dead…and I saw the name Lady Christina DeSouza in the info…I had to turn it on…I mean it had my name after all…less than 5 mins and I was HOOKED! Then I had to go back and watch them all….starting with Christopher E. I love watching Planet of the Dead now because I just love hearing the Doctor say my name :p How lame am I? haha :p

          So there you have it…now I’m just addicted! 😀


  5. I think Duane would be so proud of how far you have come (with or without the wakeboard) and how you got through the difficulties. As I said in one of my previous comments, he loved you like no other and you loved him with your whole heart and more; he will be with you for eternity.


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