Each Moment…~


΅〜  ೋ  ೋ 〜΅

“All words are pegs to hang ideas on.” 

Henry Ward Beecher ~


╰⊰✿ I was supposed to be writing more often. I promised myself a minimum of how often I hoped to post…having not met that minimum I am now here because I also have a new motto I’m trying to live by. A motto I’d like to share with you as well…

“Each moment is a perfectly contained capsule of life. Each moment is the only one we can life in, the only one we have control over. The past moments are gone. The future moments are not here yet. What we have is only this very moment. Meaning…we can choose each new moment to change that which we don’t like, enjoy that which we do, and know that each one of these moments are precious pearls strung together to make a life. Our life.”

And right this very moment I get to share that with you, as you read this…as I write this. We are, for a brief few minutes connected in time. It’s really a rather staggering and mind-blowing concept to contemplate. All that to say that it’s okay I’ve not written, because I have chosen right now to write. I have many thoughts I wish to share with you about the epic nature of our modern ability to connect with others around the world. I’ve experienced it here with you in blog format, on my Facebook Page as mentioned before, and also on Twitter–which is new to me. Well, not new…per se…I’ve had a Twitter account for some time, but in taking time each day to connect…just to say good morning or ‘hey look at my crazy dog’, share a meaningful quote, or whatever quick little thing(s) throughout the day one wishes to share, Twitter is the format for it.

I know some don’t care for it and others use it for entirely different purposes. I’m just along for the ride and happily call it ‘research’. I adore the connections I’ve made so far and look forward to many more. I’ve shared the love of the reading, of words, of coffee, of writing. I have connected with those who are practicing the craft of writing, those who are writing books, those who have books published, those who would rather just read books and more. Some who just love the idea of an instant connection ‘in a moment’ with someone.she reads to nourish

All this goes with my rapidly growing voracious appetite for words. How people use them. How they are interpreted. How social media, books, everything written is assimilated, sought after, shared. I find it absolutely fascinating and am just so honored to be part of it. Honored that some would be interested in my words…in what I have to say…to share. Beyond honored that they would take the time to tell me exactly how my words, my poems, have affected them.

So, in a moment we can change our lives, or life can change it for us. Both for good and bad. In most cases, we have the choice to pilot our moments in the directions of our dreams…if we only would choose to.


Until next time… ✿⊱╮


΅〜  ೋ  ೋ 〜΅

     ΅〜 ೋ  Christina〜  ೋ 〜΅


P.S.  As you may have noticed I am currently…tweaking the layout, it’s still not quite what I’ve envisioned. However, I do very much appreciate you’re awesomeness while I continue to get it sorted. And hey…have an amazingly incredible day/night! ♥ xx~


18 thoughts on “Each Moment…~

  1. Connected in time, I do like that, just think that now i is chronicles in your blog, people could have that connection with you in ten, twenty or who knows however many years, what an awesome thought. I am hard pressed not to make a Doctor Who reference to The Moment but there i have said it.

    I love that each tweet, post, comment is a perfect little patch of time that contains thoughts, emotions, hopes all in the space of a small number of words, it’s like photographs for people who don’t like to look at the pictures. What you have to say defines you and why would we not be interested in that when you do posts of this nature, bringing depth to things like tweets which most of us fire off without much though.

    I like your new motto and the empowerment that it gives us to change rather than waiting for a catalyst as is so easy to do most of the time. It is an important thing to remember in a life that can fairly frequently bring us to brink of blindness to the good things. Time for a black coffee I think.


    • Oh my, I hadn’t thought of future time connections…I shall puzzle that thought out for quite some time! Of course the Doctor must make a cameo in each and every conversation regarding time and all it’s…timey whimey-ness…

      ‘Perfect little patch of time’ …I like that, very very much. And agree, absolutely. I think perhaps in our fast-paced society those very fragments, or patches of time, play such a prominent role in all our lives, more so than we may realize or stop to think about in such a manner. I find that whole concept incredibly fascinating.

      Thank you so so much for your encouragement and support to continue in this new way of writing, of sharing, for me with you all. It is an exciting new aspect to my reconstruction. I am proper happy that you love my new motto…it does take quite some getting used to, well any change does. This particular one, I believe, is so crucial for myself, and could be for someone else, so I had to share. To know it is so well received is just too amazing to be described. I shall just say thank you again and again for your wonderfully amazing and cherished support!


      • The more you share, the pleasure you will bring and the more thoughts will be provoked and created. What more can anybody ask for!


  2. This is so beautiful, as all your words always are. All writers must go at their own pace and life sometimes slows us down with its daily grinds, that is life my friend. Nobody is judging you. We are here to read your words whenever they arrive. I love your analysis of ‘in the moment’. Every moment is different than the next. We cannot get back the past, so we make the most of the next ones. Hugs to you my profound writing friend. xo ❤


    • Thank you so so very incredibly much Debby! Life does indeed slow us down, frustratingly so! You are awesome to be ceaselessly encouraging and to share such wonderful support! I shall find the writing groove, in fact…I’ve been working on a plan to create the time and space for that especially and am so so excited to see the pieces falling into place to allow more time for both writing and connecting! You are awesome sweet with your praise and your most cherished friendship!! Huge hugs and wishes for the happiest weekend to you dear friend!! ♥♥♥ xo ~

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  3. It’s great to read that you are a Twit Christina. I’m not, as WP is more than enough for me ! Your layout is very simple to follow. I like simple as you know. I hope this week is being kind to you my friend. Ralph xox ❤


    • Ah my dear sir, I am indeed a Twit, but not always…as you well know! I know Twitter is not for everyone and that is the beautiful nature of all these various places and ways of connecting online. We can pick and chose what suits us best. You rock the blog world with your charm and charisma and I wouldn’t have it any other way! 😉 Thank you for your thoughts on the layout changes, it may change…it probably *will* change, but I do very much agree that simple is best. In fact, I think simple rather elegant actually… ~ Sending wishes for the happiest weekend and hugs too! ♥ xox ~

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      • You are so sweet with your words my friend. I do hope you manage to find the right WP theme for you. I am happy with mine so no need for a change. I wish you well Christina and can’t wait for your next offering. Hugs xox ❤


  4. Great post Christina. I refer to your blog in my Blogging courses that I teach. I love Twitter. I have got business from it and made friends. It is super awesome, just like you x


    • Thank you so very much Sandra! I am truly honored you would refer to my blog! My most sincere apologies for the late reply…life has been more demanding than normal these past months, but I am back now! 🙂 I love Twitter also and am anxious to return there as well! Thank you so so much for being awesome and for sharing such incredibly sweet thoughts x

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    • You always make me smile…hugely! I love love your absolutely wonderful effervescent nature!! I am digging my way out of the tons of life ‘stuff’ that has kept me away and am so so happy to finally get to reply!
      #AwesomazingYOU #MissedYouSoSoVeryMuch #Hugs #HugeSmiles #LoveLoveLove #Blessings #AndSomeMoreHugsToo !!!

      Liked by 1 person

      • I totally understand.
        Although it seems that I have been hiding under a rock – I have not. Kids sure have a way of keeping one busy & so does work. 😉
        #PeAce #LoVe #HappyFaces #BlesSings #HuGs #NiceToSeeYOU #YouRockNRoll #FanabUlousYoU


        • You understand because you’re that amazing! Kids, chores, life, etc…etc…etc! It is so so very great to see you, share a high five for the knowing of all of life’s demands 😉
          #SoSoHappyToSeeYou #HugeHugeSmiles #GladYoureNotHiding #Hugs #Blessings #LoveLove #AwesomazingYou


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