A Brief Intermission…

΅〜  ೋღ ღೋ      〜΅    

I beg your patience during this brief intermission…

Your amazing support and awesome comments to my first Vlog via my First Blogiversary post have left me more than speechless…

As I compose my responses to your magnificent comments…

I shall do one of my favorite things….


Windows down…. Music loud!

΅〜 ❀ 〜΅ 

΅〜 ❀ 〜΅

See you soonest…


΅  ೋღ ღೋ      ΅   

 ΅〜  ೋღ Christina ~ ღೋ      〜΅    


12 thoughts on “A Brief Intermission…

  1. Sultry and sensuous track, I do like to indulge in your pick musical tuneage. Intermissions are great, I hope you are supplying the popcorn though. xxxx


    • Ooo I like that…..sultry and sensuous…hehe yes I do like that very much! It is one of my favorite songs to blare to the unsuspecting world as I drive about town….that or Staralfur haha! As for the popcorn….of course! I am a most attentive hostess… xxxx


  2. AnElephantCant deny it
    There’s no point in going out for a stroll
    When you need a break
    The only thing you can take
    Is a big hit of blam! rock n roll!


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