I had the highest honor of getting to read aloud Neil’s amazing poem “For Loss of Words” There are no words to describe what an incredible collaboration this was for me. Thank you Neil…so much!! 😀

My Pretzel Logic

FOR LOSS OF WORDS is about love, loss, the art of photography and a million words. I wrote this piece for a friend of mine after parting ways with her photographer boyfriend. This one’s written from the photog’s point of view.

Read by an amazing woman, Christina Gregory (formerly Brownlee), it is one of my most memorable works owing to the many colorful (and, at times, painful) backstories behind its writing and events post publishing.

*Amplification or headphone required for best listening.

For Loss of Words from The Caffeine Chronicles, My Pretzel Logic

This is my portrait of you.
It speaks to me in strange, colored verses,
in whispered codes of ancient languages.
I often get that illusion.  You are not easy to ignore.
I’ve long studied its dog-eared corners, one by one,
pressed against the fluorescent light.
I’ve made its hidden legends my own and let them float

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  1. Once again you amaze.
    A beautiful poem, but your reading of it, ah, Christina, your reading of it brought a tear to a cynical old eye.
    And moved a jaundiced heart.


    • Awh!! Such a sweet sweet Elephant….thank you so very much!!! Can’t tell you how much I appreciate your ever so sweet praise on this one!! Huge leap out for me 😀 Hugs ~


  2. Wow, Christina, you really do have a wonderfully deep voice ( by this I don’t mean the tone but the depth from your soul), so soothing and I was gripped with every word that you spoke, truly beautiful.x


    • Oh Chris!!! You are so sweet 😀 !!! This was the first piece of Neil’s I had ever read and it truly touched me, I was so very honored to work with him on this! I really really appreciate your very generous praise :D!! I was so nervous LOL :p Hugs ~


  3. Wow, the words and images complement each other perfectly… and I love the way you read the poem… hope you don’t mind me saying this, but I thought both the words and your reading sounded quite… well… sensuous… *blush*


  4. Hi christina, back now and trying to catch up with so many entries and then I come across this one.
    Where to start. ..firstly, credit to Neil for his fabulous piece of word art,if this was a picture it would be masterpiece…
    Secondly your reading of it… Brilliant, it is so moving…there is so much sadness in your voice Christina, emotion bubbling just under the surface, this piece is perfect for you, your reading conveys so much feeling, thank you so much for doing it.
    Thirdly, as i think has already been mentioned, we get to hear your voice 🙂
    I’ve hag a very quick look through your entries, but not commented as I want to read them properly first, but I gather that the dark clouds hanging over you have now moved far away, hopefully never to hurt or bother you again.
    The chrysallis bursts and the butterfly flies free from its constraints. .. I hope that is how you feel Christina.. A new start without the sword of Damocles hanging over you.
    Take care my sweet friend, it’s good to see you again.. As Gov. Schwarzenneger once said « I’ll be back ” 🙂
    love and many hugs xxx
    Ps. Please say hi to penny and pass on my regards and apologies, i haven’t has a chance to catch up yet, but I will soon, thanks xxx


    • Oh sweet friend it is SO good to see you back!!! I’m very very happy you had a safe journey and are back catching up! 🙂 Just smiled to big to see a comment from you. 😀 Thank you so so much for your very sweet praise on this project. This was the first piece of Neil’s I had read and it touched me so profoundly, it was such a true honor to read this aloud for everyone…then his talent for editing and movie making shone through so brightly! It was just a fun fantastic experience!!! 😀

      Oh yes, they’ve moved hundreds of miles away and we are all thrilled to no end!! No more worries about drive bys or any other of the…um “stuff” they would do. We are free to move on with our lives and the peace in our home is quite an incredible thing to behold! 🙂

      I do feel as if everything is new again sweet friend, and am so glad to have you back safe and sound. I do apologize for my late reply..this week was hectic, but in a good way so no worries. 🙂 I will definitely pass on the grettings and such to mom. Thank you again for letting me know you’re back safe and sound. Hugs&Love sweet friend!!! And welcome back 😀 !!!


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