Precious Gifts…

August 6, 2012 I published a post called “You Said…” It was a poem of my life (in brief) with my now deceased husband, Duane,  ( May 2010 ) and hopefully portrayed a peek at true, enduring, inexplicable love.  That’s what I hoped to share.  All the places I say “You said…..” he really did say those things.

It was a huge leap for me…a scary one, to put so much out there.  Myself and my children have been through too much these past two years and now are finally getting some peace, so I guess it’s all coming out here on my blog.

I am overwhelmed with the loving heart touching comments (and one very very amazing email from a sweet blogger friend) I received from so many of you. Seriously, some of them made me cry. It was just honest care and love being shared with words…and I felt them all.  Thank you…all of you.  I am so very appreciative to be part of something so incredible, to have you each in my life now as I begin anew.

It gets better…I received a request from Seadog to reblog the “You Said…” post. He was touched and wanted to share it. Thank you Seadog…I am truly honored.

When I checked my blog this morning there was another gift there for me…one that took my breath away and made me cry…happy and sad tears at the same time.

A most cherished friend ( Prashant ) had written a poem. I know there are things inexplicable in our world…and what would motivate him to write this…I’m not sure. But he did, and he shared it with me and it is so very beautiful.  It personifies Duane and the love we shared.

I asked Prashant if I could share it here, too precious to be tucked away in comments. He said it was mine…so again I will thank him for being open, honest, loving, empathetic and what Duane would love most….a husband who cherishes and loves his wife and children.  Thank you Prashant…you are a gift friend!



There was a thing I had to tell you

since you knew my soul through your eyes.

In the moment of serenity so longed for,

closer to you, my mortal worth lies.


Piousness in the love I had

fuelled my will to be a better man.

To carry your graceful charm, beautiful,

I tried my best – as best as a lover can.


Somewhere, HE just felt so different

or, perhaps, jealous of me being with you.

He never told me to complete my song,

holier than his prayers – so complete and true.


Now, when I see you from here

I feel stronger and so absolutely fond.

I know, in your heart, I am still alive.

As you smile with courage and beyond.



31 thoughts on “Precious Gifts…

  1. Sometimes, you belong to someone…no reasons to assist…no facts to prove…that person would just owe you from inside out.

    This submission of self is truly blissful. You would never want not to be owned – with all that love and meaning endowed upon life.

    Some people are blessed in a different manner, by some different acts of fate…no explanations given by God for his doing…but he simply does.

    Glad to see this post…


    • No explanations…so true. Thank you sweet friend, for this gift….words won’t ever do justice to express my gratitude. I’m so very very honored to have your beautiful heartfelt words here! Hugs!!


  2. through your poems, your readers have come to love you, duane and your beautiful story. in many ways, our lives are touched by reminding us all of what we still have and how lucky we are. we thank you for that, christina. the very beautiful poem penned by prashant shows that appreciation.


    • What a beautiful amazingly wonderfully sweet comment Neil. I am honored that this would speak to others in a positive way…I think we all take so very much for granted. This poem is a most precious gift!

      And as far as appreciation…I am overwhemed by it (in such a good way) with yours and so many others sincerely heart touching comments…like huge hugs from all of you! 🙂


  3. Prashant did a fantastic poem there. I have never been through anything like you have so can’t pretend to know how you feel. Do know though, that we are here for you.


  4. Touching post, I can’t relate to what you’ve been through, but I hope you are doing okay Christina. We’re all here for you as you continue onward.


    • George, thank you so very much for your concern and your thoughtfulness…I am doing better…each day! I so appreciate your being here and thoughtfulness!!


  5. Christina, I had no idea what your personal tragedy involved and I’m so sorry for your loss. Your poem “You Said”, so eloquent, touched me greatly. I felt the deep love you two experienced. How blessed you are to have shared this, if for only a short time. You have taken a devastating experience and are transforming it into something so beautiful. You are a gift to us and Prashant, it seems, has presented a gift to you with his most touching words.


    • Another precious gift…your incredibly sweet praise and encouragement! You are a gift to me!!! I am so appreciative of your thoughts and so so much love from so many. It is truly inspirational!


  6. It blesses me to see that you have not become bitter over the loss of your husband. You have become even more beautiful through your poems. The other evening when my husband of 29 years and I were strolling the garden my eyes teared up as I was so in the moment. It is the simple moments in life that I treasure the most… What you share helps all of us to not take those simple moments for granted. Bless you! ~ Wendy


    • Thank you so much Wendy! I guess rather than become bitter I choose to cherish what I had and then….there is always the hope for the future. 🙂 It was my hope to use this blog as a healing process…if I’ve helped anyone anywhere along the line to cherish their blessings or in any other positive way then I am very very happy! Blessings friend 🙂


  7. Sadness and grief….so hard to move forward….but it’s true that he is always with you…I also lost a loved one in 2010….at times I feel him sitting right next to me…a very strong presence when I need him…love never dies…I’m sure of that…


    • Thank you for that Meryl…for the reminder that he is always with me. I have been shaped into who I am today because of him and visa versa…that makes me feel really good.

      I’m so sorry for your loss…and very glad that you can feel that comforting presence when you need it most. It does make a huge difference…along with amazing loving support! Hugs and Blessings friend 🙂


  8. Having read some of your poems and having some idea about your husband, you would think I would be ready for this post….I am at lost for words on this one. This blog and the two pictures sum up the beautfiul life you had with your husband. I’m so happy you are surrounded by such awesome friends, too.


    • Thank you so much Chris, for your insight and sharing your thoughts. It was a beautiful life…I have hopes that on the other side of the valley there is always hope…and in the meantime, the amazing blessings of my children and the neverending support of my mom and friends all over the world and in my offline world. It is such an incredible gift.

      And thank you for helping me laugh…I do so enjoy your humor friend…so keep it coming! Please!!! 🙂


  9. What a Stunning poem by Prashant Christina… and what a wonderful gift. Also so very lovely that Seadog (another special soul) felt moved enough to reblog your own beautiful poem… And just to know others here can read your post and really truly ‘get it’ … to know you are supported and never alone in this… to know love is being launched for you from every corner of the planet — a pure miracle to me sweet friend…makes my heart smile for you! Bask in it Christina – you do deserve!! xo


  10. Thank you Christina, and you Robyn for your lovely comments.
    Prashant has given you a magnificent gift Christina,which your pictures compliment perfectly.
    I am the one who is honoured Christina, honoured that you let me reblog You said.
    I only hope I’ve done it the justice it deserves.
    sending you love hugs and blessings


    • Most definitely a magnificent gift! One I will cherish always! Thank you for your sweet praise for the pictures….it was pretty easy to choose those when I thought about the poem.

      You are so sweet to reblog and you did it most beautifully friend! I’m still the one who is deeply honored! love, hugs, and blessings! xxxx


  11. That was really beautiful!! The words and the pictures go hand in hand and paints a really nice picture!! Thank you for this wonderful post!!
    Hugs, Sumithra.


    • He is definitely talented!! It was a precious gift…he has a beautiful soul and a beautiful family to go with it 🙂 Quite incredible to meet people all over the world, he is in India…I am just fascinated by the friends I have now…that truly span the globe!!


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