~”Don’t cry over the past, it’s gone.

Don’t stress about the future, it hasn’t arrived.

Live in the present and make it beautiful.” ~

Australia Perth

Australia Perth (Photo credit: Kenny Teo (zoompict))

9 thoughts on “Don’t…

  1. The moment is encapsulated in the consciousness of our breath, so I’m learning to enjoy life by being conscious of my breathing knowing that all I have in the present moment.
    That stimulation from my breath is unexplainable and no one can take it away from me.
    A great thought proviking quote.


    • I just took a deep breath…you’re absolutely right. Thank you so much for your very well expressed & thought provoking comment! Blessings! ~ 🙂


    • I’m so glad it was uplifting for you! I have to be honest and admit that there are a lot of days I don’t exactly feel…lets say “upbeat and happy”…so these quotes are here to give me a boost too 🙂


      • They say that people who dwell in the past have problems with depression, and people who have problems facing the future have anxiety. Staying in the present will keep you happy. Right now, I am trying to live one minute, one day at a time, not thinking about the future. Because odd enough, the future is making me both depressed and anxious. I faced the future straight in the face today and I’m not too good tonight, so this post was a blessing 🙂


        • I’m so very glad this was a blessing to you! I truly understand “living in the moment”!! I hope your days & nights get better and better 🙂


  2. if one can be truly content and grateful for each and every breath, then happiness can come as easily as inhaling and exhaling …. the present is as beautiful as you and all your friends wish it to be, thanks for the glorious share here and everywhere on your blog lunar ….:)



    • What a wonderful day-brightening comment, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts! It makes one (me) feel ‘connected’ when one (me) can share something that truly speaks to someone else! 🙂


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