~ “You never know how strong you are

                 until being strong is the only choice you have.” ~

Strong and Free

Strong and Free (Photo credit: liquidnight)

5 thoughts on “Strong…

  1. Because I know your backstory, I would say this most certainly applies to you! I for one admire the strength you’ve shown when the odds were stacked against you. Keep on keeping on! I like the Christina you’re becoming!


  2. Oh, yes, I like this… this is me… I get punched and kicked and i fall against the ropes… and then I’m Rocky and I’m up again… I may have even retired a few times and made a comeback…


  3. I’ve heard (and used) this one. It is so very true. Having gone back to the start of your blog, and been reading other posts, I know that you are a very strong person. and I applaud you for that.


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