15 thoughts on “Nobody…

  1. We don’t realise how powerful we are until we visualise the opposites to put real context to who we are and what we are, that’s fantastic, great post


    • It truly seems, of late, I’m stumbling across quotes that are expressing these first steps into this next part of my life. It’s wonderful to share this journey…thank you for following along with me 🙂


    • You’re most welcome! I’m glad you liked it…I really should print those quotes out to help me remember them (was only brave enough in the beginning to post a quote — Robyn really helped me branch out to where I am now. I just LOVE her!!! This is a good one to remember! 🙂 Hugs sweet friend!!


  2. I have been reading your comments on this posting and I am pleased that Robyn helped out, as your potential energy is awesome, keep up the great writing Christina 🙂

    Andro xx


    • Thank you so much Andro…I am truly honored by your praise! 😀 Oh yes…Robyn has been an incredible source of love and light…and encouragement to me from almost the very beginning of this journey. She truly is one of the most beautiful souls I’ve ever met! 😀 xx


      • There is an abundance of caring friends amongst our family of bloggers, it is a refreshing experience to meet such like mind people all in one place, and to know that the breath of happiness resonates amongst us. Have a truly delightful Friday Christina and may your weekend be filled with hugs and a warmth of familiarity 🙂

        Andro xxx


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