13 thoughts on “Hidden

  1. I wish I could believe this… btw, I’m starting at the beginning of your blog and I’m not in a good place, so if you read my comments and I seem… well, there’s a reason why… I don’t think the kindest hearts have felt the most pain… but they certainly feel more pain than most. After the day I’ve had, I don’t feel as though I have a kind heart.


    • I’m so sorry to hear you had a rough day….can totally relate to that. The last two years have been doing battle with the “evils”(new nickname for the ex-in-laws)…today they pulled yet another “stunt”. The countdown on my blog is their moving date to another state (Yes I have the champagne ready). Nuff about me, I am so sorry you had a tough day…sincerely hoping it turns around for you…if not tonight then tomorrow 🙂 And hey…the premier of Who is coming…that’s something to smile about right? haha :p

      Thank you…really….for going back to the beginning. First was only brave enough to post a quote, then a quote with a pic, then wrote poetry for the first time in my life. Now I’m addicted to it 😉 No worries about your mood…we all have very very way bad days!!


        • I’m more than honored that you’ve gone all the way back! I did that the other day…was kind of weird :p I do appreciate your condolences…sincerely…I know everyone has a battle to fight in this life, you most certainly are allowed to whine..welllll…maybe rant/vent/be most irritated is more appropriate 😉


              • Ha!! You should see me when I’m at work training… when I’m in my most “squirrel!” moments, I’m like Matt Smith. It’s not even a deliberate thing… but I’m always liked the words “wibbly wobbly” for example and used those words to describe the walls on the original Doctor Who years ago…


                • I have to say you come across as a total blast…wonderful sense of humor and who better to be like than the Doctor? Seriously!!!! 😀 !! When I introduce my friends to the Doctor I usually start with Blink…because all you need to really know for backstory is that the Doctor travels in time. then I reel them in (insert evil laugh) and make them fans too! :p


                  • Blimey! That’s the one I always tell people to start with! It’s a completely self contained, superbly written sci-fi story… plus the fact that you don’t really want to start with Doctor IX because some of those stories were a bit… wellll… let’s just say they weren’t the best… (but still in the best spirit of the original 60s/70s/80s Who…


                    • It really is THE best to start with…then I like to share the two-parter Silence in the Library….then they’re hooked haha!! :p Yeah, IX was kind of like the first 3 years of Star Trek Next Gen…in the spirit of the original Star Trek…then it found it’s own “thing” and took off! Did love Voyager too 😀 I am a geek haha :p


                    • I haven’t….oh oh…am I going to get addicted to another show? :p If I do…I’m going to blame you! Just kidding…seriously will check it out 😀


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