My Crazy kids…

I know what you’re thinking….but I am honestly….really going to answer your amazing full of love and continued encouragement comments! Right now…after I share this fun video of my quirky kids at their finest….

Note: To you Doctor Who fans….notice my eldest daughter’s hat….and that my son is doing his Dalek impression ha!

32 thoughts on “My Crazy kids…

  1. Best of the Best here dearest friend ~ HUGE SMILE!!! and some giggles too – they are sooooo adorable!! Love your way ~ RL x


    • Definitely the bestest! Some days they crack me up and others….well you know haha 😉 Thank you!! They are all still my babies even if they think otherwise ha! So so much love to you ♥♥♥♥!!


      • We always did “shows” like this when I was growing up – and then my girls too. These videos are priceless… enjoy your babies!!! 🙂 Much Love xxxooo R


    • LOL!!! Oh I just laughed so hard reading your comment! Bestest…comment….ever!!! It was definitely EPIC!! lol Thank you…I’m still laughing!!


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